We see cover models and celebrities looking perfect with their heavy eyelashes and arched eyebrows, and wonder if they ever look shabby like we do. But the truth is, everyone has bad hair days and everyone wakes up to find unsightly new marks on their body, and those are what make you unique and special.

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To drive home this point, make-up artist Melissa Murphy has been regularly uploading photos of some of the most beautiful and successful women working as models, porn stars and adult entertainers. The series of photos show that even the most glamorous stars look like your girl-next-door when the mask of make-up is removed. It also reminds young girls that even they could look like a supermodel with the help of a little colour.

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The women posed for before and after photos, where their beauty was displayed in its natural glory and then again, when it was enhanced with the help of Murphy's talents. Here are some of the pictures from Murphy's project: