Sabrina Sabrok is a Playboy model who once claimed to have alien blood in her body. The 45-year-old model who is also a Satanist has now opened up her health condition in a new song. 

Sabrok revealed that she has been suffering from schizophrenia since her childhood. 

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Esquizofrenia: Playboy model's cult song 

In her new single, Sabrok revealed that she used to hear and see things that others cannot. However, the Argentine model wishes not to take any medication, as she wishes to be crazy. 

"I cope and have it under control, but it is something that is always there, that is why I wanted to talk about it in the song I've released on digital platforms. I wanted to tell people something they don't know about me, sometimes the media says the wrong things so I ask them to not believe everything they say. All the time, I say one thing, and something completely different comes out in the article and it is logical I worry so much. It is better to confess everything I have lived," said Sabrok, Daily Star reports

Sabrok did not want to be a slave of drugs 

Sabrok revealed that she used to take medicines regularly in her childhood. However, she later stopped taking medications, as she believed they were strong. 

"I did not like living as a slave to drugs, I remember that I spent all day foggy and people took advantage of it. When I was able to choose for myself, I decided to live with my madness," added Sabrok. 

In 2019, Sabrok went a step ahead and launched her own cult named Sabrok Legion, which gives a chance to make deals and pacts with Satan