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Controversies are nothing new for the latest Aamir Khan-Anushka Sharma starrer "PK". The film, directed by Rajkumar Hirani has been the hot topic for debates ever since the makers released its first look poster, featuring naked Aamir with a transistor. 

The film witnessed many controversies after some religious outfits claimed that the film has hurt the sentiments of Hindu community and an FIR was filed in the Supreme Court of India to ban the film. Recently, yoga guru Baba Ramdev also asked his followers and Hindu devotees to boycott the romantic comedy drama.

"The movie hurts the sentiments of Hindus, it should be banned immediately," Hindu Sena national president Vishnu Gupta told IANS.

However, many viewers have also reacted on the matter with #PKDebate, which has been trending on major social media networks across the world.

Check the reactions below:

M K Quadri

I found #PK a good film.Bt fr th sake of peace & harmony in th society,I'd like to say tht film makers shud avoid making sch film.#PKdebate

Rahul Pimpale 

If #Gharwapsi can be allowed, why not screening of PK. After all, constitutionally, we are secular nation with freedom of speech #PKdebate

Osmond Reynolds

This stupidity needs to be stopped freedom of speech must prevail n d religiously inclined need to be less sensitive #PKdebate

rohit kashyap

Jb tak sunny leone jaisi indian culture me accept ki jati rahengi,tb tk #hindu ko down fall hota rahega. #PKdebate hum me b kami he yaro

Sourav Roy

Unfortunately due to the #PKdebate, an average film will get high viewership. Ban a book to make it a bestseller. Every God was a blasphemer

Shadaab Qureshi

 it's not about muslims n hindus #PKDebate its bout dose ppl fooling of us in d name of religion 


I am a Hindu and my feelings didn't hurt by PK. #PKDebate


PK should not be banned, neither should play on Nathuram Godse. Also all scenes in movie Viswaroopam should be reinstated. #PKdebate

Priya Christopher

if you are so insecure that your faith is threatened by a movie, you should reconsider your definition of religion #PKdebate #PK

Sk Firdaus Rahaman

Isn't a faith over a movie? If a movie is questioning your faith come up with answers not hatred or criticism. #PKdebate #PK

Susam Pal

PK has hurt my scientific sentiments. How on earth can an alien look exactly like Homo sapiens on arrival? What are the odds? #PKdebate


#PKdebate Don't care much about any religion myself, but I'd be ok with PK if Aamir Khan had had the balls to make a similar film on Islam

Narendra Pandey

In place on vandalizing theaters like Taliban why don't 'pseudo nationalists' fight the battle of #PKdebate in court. Have back of Govt too.

shubh@m dubey

I hav watched Pk it's a remarkable movie I thnk it dsnt put harm on any religion while itshows the reality amir had a awsm job ! #PKdebate


PK strongly biased against Hindus (incidentally the major character is a Muslim). Wish there was something strong on Islam #PKdebate

Shuchi Singh Kalra

The only thing that bothered me in PK were Anushka's new shark lips. My sentiments were seriously hurt. Is anybody even listening?#PKdebate


Watched PK no doubt its great movie, which expose religious hypocrisy of every religion #PKdebate

Mincy Mohan

Its ridiculous 4 certain groups 2 cal 4 banning f #PK.Wt a marvelous work! A movie wid no masala nd sensible stuff aftr a long tym.#PKdebate 

Shatakshi Tiwari

PK showed the practices of all the religions. What's wrong if it said 'instead of pouring milk on Shiv ji, give it to poors'? #PKdebate

"PK", which released on 19 December, shows the superstar as an alien who is fascinated by India. The film also stars Anushka Sharma, Sanjay Dutt, Boman Irani and Sushant Singh Rajput in lead roles.