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'PK' (Peekay) posterTwitter/aamir khan

Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer "PK" is performing well at the worldwide box office, but various religious outfits are protesting against the film, which is said to have hurt religious sentiments of the Hindus. 

The film, directed by Rajkumar Hirani, has been in news for all the wrong reasons ever since the first look poster was released. Adding to the list, on Sunday, yoga guru Baba Ramdev also slammed the makers of the movie, and asked Hindu devotees to boycott the film, which has reportedly, disrespected gods, goddesses and Hindu saints.

Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad activists intruded into Shree Talkies in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday evening and disrupted the screening of the film. They even advised Aamir to go to Pakistan.

The activists tore posters of the film inside and outside the theatre, shouted anti-Aamir slogans and asked the theatre management to stop the film's screening. 

The protesters had earlier filed an FIR against the film and demanded the removal of some of the controversial scenes. However, the Censor Board on Monday decided not to delete any of the scenes as it has already been released worldwide.

Many celebs have reacted on the issue and actor Boman Irani, who is also a part of the film, has asked people to respect the viewpoint of the makers. 

Check the reactions of people on the latest controversies that have hit Aamir's "PK"


 Who the hell is Dilip Cherian to decide that who should hurt & Who should not .#PK is certainly hurting Hindu Sentiments


News channels doing coverage of BJP workers protesting against #PK bt don't hav Guts to ask Paresh Rawal reaction on this @aajtak @abpnewstv

Anusha Ravi

Y r ther no protests wen Indian cinema commodifies women,exploits kids,propagates chauvinism & domestic violence in cinema? Y target #PK ?

Ankit Bhimani

It's just a story being told.Plus aamir's been shown as an alien.Have they no common sense to understand such a simple thing? #PK


My only question is where was these Bajran dal & VHP 's so cald sewaks during OMG ?? #PK Is it Only bcos d lead actor is a KHAN ?

Griha Atul

Theatres screening #PK in Ahemdabad and Bhopal vandalised by alleged Bajrang Dal activists. #PKVersusFringe

Abdulla Madumoole

How true - "One man's profit is another man's loss" As #PK's collection goes up, @yogrishiramdev becomes nervous!

Vivek Agnihotri

All those gundas attacking cinema halls showing #pk must be arrested immediately and locked up with Asaram.

If these sadhus can unite against #pk why can't film industry unite and ask for a ban against such miscreants?

Ham Bharat ki Log

Why people acting shocked on #PK? Hasnt Bollywood always been Sickular. The #BoycottPK call is democratic BTW. Differentiate bw ban n boycot

Priyashmita Guha

No #PK isn't against Hinduism. It's against the crap we spread in name of God & most importantly tells us God doesn't need us defending him

Vaibhav SR

@madversity #PK never tell us that don't follow religion. It only tells we are same and did not born with label. This message alone is imp.

Ruxana Kalyaniwalla

After watching #PK,was pretty sure of some vandalism and yes there it goes#Ahmedabad#sad state of affairs

chandra sekhar

getting censor certificate does not give a right to so called creative minds to derange Hindu sentiments #PK #BangaloreBlast

Vandana Singh

No protest against movie #MSG,which r really threat to religion like Hindu but protest against #PK,which is just showing mirror to reality !


#PK is just a film guys and #OMG was more hard hitting than this. Can't fathom the outraged really.


Raju Hirani is brilliant,its a shame that his movie is garnering all the bad word of mouth cz f a sensitive subject 4 india #PKTheFilm #PK