Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have received positive reviews from critics and users worldwide, but the design of the handsets, especially the display area, did not turn many heads after witnessing launches like that of iPhone X and other flagship smartphones by rivals. Things could be different this year.

Successor to the current-gen Pixel phones will arrive later this year, and noted designer Ben Geskin has illustrated the potential design of the Pixel 3 (or Pixel 2018) based on an Android P card depicting an unseen smartphone. Slashleaks had spotted the unique render of a phone that features zero bezels without a display notch.

Google's Android P beta build offered a guide on how to use new gestures. It showed a smartphone with the full-screen edge-to-edge display. Since it was not identical to any Pixel smartphone, it strongly suggested that Google might have ousted the Pixel 3 design.

Pixel 3 potential design
Pixel 3 potential designBen Geskin Twitter

There haven't been any substantial leaks about the Pixel 3 so far, but this reimagined render looks plausible considering the evolving design trend of smartphones these days. After Apple popularized the bezel-less display design with iPhone X, many original equipment manufacturers followed suit.

Xiaomi already offers the Mi MIX 2S with bezel-less design, Vivo has a concept phone called Apex with absolutely zero bezels and some ground-breaking tech to accommodate that. Lenovo will soon be launching a smartphone with the highest screen-to-body ratio of over 95 percent.

By joining the bandwagon, Google will be on par with rivals and gain some solid attention from shoppers and even Apple loyalists.

After all, Google Pixel 2 series was lauded more than any iPhone for its camera, and the tech giant might improve that in the Pixel 3. There will be other upgrades in terms of performance too, not to mention a stable Android P software that will add the extra flavour to the mix.

In another report, XDA's Mishaal Rahman shared evidence of an improved Wi-Fi system in the Pixel 3. The upcoming flagship could support dual-band simultaneous (DBS) connections meant for better WiFi connectivity and speed than before.

DBS allows a smartphone to use both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi bands simultaneously, which will add the extra speed. It will also support content streaming over WiFi from the smartphone to a TV and even act as a WiFi itself, to extend the connectivity.