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The third and final instalment of the iconic musical franchise, Pitch Perfect is all set to release around Christmas, and reportedly, the movie "ties up" all the plot lines this time.

Starting with, of course, the "riff off".

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In a recent video released just hours ago, we see the Barden Bellas – the all women acapella group from the Barden University whom the movie revolves around – gearing up for a musical battle with all the finalist bands participating in an international level European tour.

Trish Sie, the director of the trilogy believes that this final movie is all about bringing together the stories of the various characters, played by Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Hailee Steinfeld and many more, all through the Bellas' tour.

And sure enough, the first line they tied up was with a major throwback from the past – by re-enacting the classic riff-off scene. The Bellas jam with their notes, belting out one smashing hit after the other, simultaneously making music with their mouth.

This brings back memories of the intra-Barden riff off and the tight competition that the Bellas had put up for the first time, in years, against the Treblemakers – or the Barden University all boys acapella group in the movie.

The almost three-minute long video also showcases Ruby Rose in her dashing tom-boy avatar, mocking the Bellas because they "just sing other people's songs".

But the Bellas are not to be deterred, and even after the rest of the bands win this friendly round of riff off, our ladies claim it was unfair because there's no musical instruments allowed in it.

In the end, John Michael Higgins, who plays the role of the extremely biased, misogynistic anchor Jon Smith, claims, "Bellas are doing what they do best – quitting."

Pitch perfect 3 trailer
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But director Trish Sie surely isn't quitting with her "tying the lines" policy, as she shared, "We certainly wanted to tie up this stage of the franchise, in the sense that the Bellas have graduated college, they have gone through the treacherous time of transitioning to the real work and they are setting out on new adventures."

Brittany Snow, who plays the role of the mother hen Chloe Beale was all praises about the mastermind as well. "Trish is a powerhouse," she claimed.

"There are so many people that could take on a task this large, with 10 girls, all different types of personalities, and a lot of expectations, and still maintain her own take. But she let us do whatever we wanted. We improvised maybe 80 percent of the movie," the 31-year-old actress mentioned.

Even though Pitch Perfect 3 has been officially declared as the final instalment of the franchise, Brittany claims she would jump at the opportunity if another movie were to be made on the Bellas, in future.

In an interview with Total Film magazine, she said: "We have decided that if someone asks us to do it again, we will. We love doing these movies. It's so cheesy, but we've become this family."

Pitch Perfect 3 is all set to release next month, on December 22.