On Monday, the Karnataka High Court sought the state government's response to PIL filed against the ban on online classes for children in classes of Lower KG to Grade 5. The PIL contended the complete ban on education for students in Lower KG to Grade 5 in the state, the HC has not passed any interim order and will hear the matter on June 26.

Till June 26, online classes for students in Lower KG to Grade 5 will continue to be banned. The PIL being filed comes as parents took to social media yesterday to demand a reversal in the ban on online classes for students in Lower KG to Grade 5. 

Karnataka High Court
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PIL filed against the ban on online classes

To address and regular online education of children during the pandemic, the government had issued a ban on online classes for kids below Grade 5. However, this means the students would not have any access to learning or learning opportunities during the course of the pandemic and the resultant lockdown. Concerned parents have been demanding that this ban be reversed and children are given the Right to Learn. 

On Sunday, parents raised a storm on Twitter demanding that the government's ban on online classes for students in classes 5 and below be reversed. Under the #RightToLearn parents were condemning the government's move demanding action. In fact, some parents filed a PIL against the government's ban.

Today, the Karnataka High Court looked into the matter of the new PIL filed. The state government had said that classes would be banned only till a mandatory committee is formed and guidelines are drafted to regulate the conduct of online classes for students from Lower KG to Grade 5 as students from these classes can't be subject to 8 hours of sessions in a day. Furthermore, the Government cited NIMHANS stance on children in classes 5 and below should not be attending 8 hours worth of classes in a day. 

According to the Bar & Bench the court said, "Regulation, we understand, but as of today, there is a complete ban." The petitioner Advocate Pradeep Nayak had issued that the committee in question will only be drafting guidelines for classes 6 to 10 and not below, calling it an 'outright' ban on classes till grade 5.

The Court has said that the issue will be looked at under Article 21A of the constitution which addresses free and compulsory education for kids in India and that the matter will be heard on 26th June. No interim order was passed for the time being.