On Saturday, the City Crime Branch (CCB) team led by ACP Virupaksha in Bengaluru nabbed a 29-year-old gambler. The gambler, Imran was caught for embedding spycams and spyware in playing cards, which allowed him to read cards and win. 

The Police didn't just recover playing cards, the gambler would also embed the spyware on 500 rupee-notes. Imran is a resident of BK Nagar, Yeshwantpur, the police seized items worth Rs 4 lac from his residence.

Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash

Police nab gambler embedding spyware on playing cards 

There's been little we've heard from gambling rings amidst the lockdown, however, now the City Crime Branch in Bengaluru has caught a gambler who was embedding spycams on playing cards to help him win in the gambling rings.

The 29-year-old gambler Imran was a resident of BK Nagar, Yeshwantpur. On Saturday the police managed to arrest him. The Police found at the residence of the II PU dropout microchips embedded on playing cards, spycams, earpieces and scanners.

Apart from the spyware, and playing cards the police uncovered six 500 rupee-notes embedded with hidden cameras. Not just using the cards to gamble, he used to sell the playing card sets as well to other gamblers. Through the cameras, he would know who held the Ace of Spades and the head speaker helped him control the game in his favour.

He embedded cameras in daily use items like clothing, belts, accessories, keychains, wallets, all in all, the Police seized items worth Rs 4 lakhs from his house. He would use Chinese-made devices purchased in Delhi, buying them for Rs 20-30,000 and sold them for Rs 1 lakh. While the business was begun by Imran's father, Imran continued it. Another suspect Parvind Singh has not yet been apprehended.