Director Shoojit Sircar's much-awaited Bollywood movie "Piku" has finally released in theatres and garnered positive reviews from the viewers, who have all praise for the lead actors in the film.

Written by Juhi Chaturvedi, "Piku" is a comedy-drama film, which explores the dynamics of a father and daughter's relationship as they take a road trip to Kolkata. Deepika Padukone has played the title role - Piku, who is a Bengali architect living in New Delhi, while Amitabh Bachchan appeared as her ageing father. Irrfan Khan, Moushumi Chatterjee and Jishu Sengupta are in the supporting roles.

The audience, who watched "Piku", have been impressed with Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan and Irrfan Khan's performances, its script and rich production values. We bring you the film goers' verdict on the film posted on Twitter. Here is the live update of "Piku" movie review by viewers:

Heisenberg @pankito09

A rare cinematic occasion when @SrBachchan & @irrfan_k come on screen together. Like two celestial bodies colliding for a rare moment! #piku Only a legend like @SrBachchan can even make bowel movements a cinematic treat! #piku #PikuReview #PikuDay #pikuthefilm #Piku8thMay

Nidhikant Pandey @NidhikantPandey

Acting, Bangla mix Hindi, Camera, Direction, Editing, Story-Screenplay Mast movie #Piku 8.5/10

Hemank Patel @IamHemank

Mesmerized by #Piku ! Saw it. Lived it. Loved it. Oh, @deepikapadukone you, beauty. What a ravishing chemistry between @SrBachchan & Irfan

E4E Red Carpet ‏@e4entertainment

#Piku 3.75/5 Simple, Fun, decently composed in all aspects of relationship.Actors justified their characters well.

Ronak ‏@ronakkotecha

#Piku - an endearing slice of life film full of moments, simple clean & ENTERTAINING will leave a bit lighter (at heart)! @deepikapadukone

Lakshmi Ramarajan ‏@lakshmir05

Loved #PIKU.. herat-warming and thoroughly enjoyable..brilliant dialogues. Lot of motion and emotion.

Saurav K Singh ‏@Saurav5ingh

@SrBachchan Though I'm not a critic, #Piku will definitely make you smile throughout. Must watch. Afterall its about [E]Motion. #PikuDay

Archana L Pania @Archanaapania

Beauty of #piku is it has 3 of the bigggest stars of d industry who remind u of ur family & friends @SrBachchan @irrfan_k @deepikapadukone what a fantastic pitch perfect film this #piku in terms of what its trying to say . . . an absolute everyday slice of life & makes u ponder cannot stop smiling at the potty conversations & since I hav had a major obsession with my constipation bachpan mein 100% relativity #piku the 2heroes of #piku r screenplay & dialogues,they just merge into each other not wastin a precious moment @ShoojitSircar maverick YOU♥ & take a bow @SrBachchan for being soooo BANGLA & Looking delectable with that petlaa also . .wanted eat u up #piku soooo adoRable what I admire about @deepikapadukone is how genuine she looks as the concerned.loving daughter & how she has mirrored @SrBachchan 's anger rarely comes a movie tat reminds of people in ur real life . . @SrBachchan is @Salilacharya when he grows old minus constipation issue #piku cannot understand where to start with @irrfan_k 's perform nce UNREAL how real he is ;) & whatte pratical thinking messiah he plays #piku infact I think @irrfan_k you must open an institution for natural acting . . . ♥♡♥♡♥♡ #piku was lucky to get to say hi and grab a hug from @irrfan_k before I entered the sccreenin of #piku while #pk told u how to stop being a blind believer #piku is saying stop being a STUCK UP CONSTIPATED human being

Salilacharya @Salilacharya

There is genius in a film and it is in evidence in a masterpiece called #piku @SrBachchan u have reminded me of evry #phamily memeber of mine sir And u are simply #genius @deepikapadukone #piku wow .. And let the superlatives continue #irrfan is just irrfan ... There is no other like him #piku Man im still in awe of #piku wat a brillaint filmmaker is #shojitsircar .. I thnk i want to watch this with my parents

Bhawana Somaaya @bhawanasomaaya

#Piku is a delicious warm family film reviving memories of #HrishikeshMukherjee films. Rush to theaters now, Piku is worth it. Congrats writer #JuhiChaturvedi for a super story, director @Shoojit for sensitive, humorous heart rending #Piku Shoojit is God of details. We've seen @SrBachchan play good/bad/rich/poor/old/young roles now watch him play superior,self absorbed #hypochondriac #Piku. He's a #riot

Mini Ribeiro ‏@MiniRib

After #Piku last evening, this morning is bound to be nice. Began perfectly. Ab itni e(motion) bayaan karna to banta hai:) Scenes of Kolkata and all the Bongness made me so nostalgic.But of course a great script, A1 performances n entertainment made me love #Piku .@ShoojitSircar ki korecho.Unadulterated entertainment with simple, messages in a "real" film #Piku is a masterpiece.Salute you @SrBachchan .@writeonj the way you have captured the nuances of the Bengali characters in your story n screenplay, is nothing short of sheer brilliance

RichaChadha @RichaChadha_

Do watch #PIKU. Hats off to @ShoojitSircar for this pitch perfect film!He carries on the legacy of #HrishikeshMukherjee :-) Career best performance by @deepikapadukone,most unusual one by legend @SrBachchan and most romantic one by dearest@irrfan_k!Stellar job all

Payal ‏@payalsharma1402

#Piku is everything a movie should be. It engages, entertains, makes you laugh,cry & get totally involved in the characters & story Loved it. @deepikapadukone @SrBachchan @irrfan_k are beyond brilliant. Their silence speaks volumes. Take a bow team #piku outstanding work.

Pathikrit Banerjee @pkorules

#Piku Tweet Review : A warm, charming & bittersweet family drama.This motion picture will stay in your heart forever.

Bharat Godhaniya @Bharatgodhaniy3

#PIKU is the first movie of 2015 such a sweet, adorable & entertaining movie. Brilliant performances by @deepikapadukone

Suhail Kavupadath @suhail_suhi

Watched #PIKU I'm happy that it worth more than ma university exam.. Stunning performance by @SrBachchan and @deepikapadukone

Shubham Kr @iShubham99

Don't miss #Piku. Watch it because you've probably never seen a movie like this before!

Jasmine @indianshrub42

#piku is such a cute movie, I know I'm going watch it again and again

Dinesh Bijoor @din23bizz

#Piku is as satisfying as a long overdue, post constipation dump!! Best #PikuReview ever..... :D

Ananya Bhattacharya @ananya116

So, #Piku has been watched. And now missing dad like anything. Kya karte ho aap, @ShoojitSircar da! The @IndiaToday review early tomorrow.

Why So Serious! @surrealzakir

Amitab Bacchan Saar.... peaks.... Seriously yaar Superb dialogues fantanstic Deepika Amitabh so far Irfaan inka full pledged ga raale #Piku - Intermission - Super funny Sligthly emotional....serious never expected this movie to be so good Deepika, Irfaan, Amitabh nailed it Loved each n every scene.... N special mention for the dialogues....soojit sarkar awesome dude #Piku

Greeshma @imgreesh

Just watchd #piku,simply outstanding!It is such a beautiful&entertaining flm .Brilliant perfomance frm team, @deepikapadukone @SrBachchan

Kushal mehra @kshlmehra

Can't afford to miss such a beautiful creation. Great work by the living legends. #Piku deserves to break all records. @deepikapadukone love Lovely as always @deepikapadukone one of the best works by her. #Piku Can't miss such a thing at any cost. Get ready for some awesome time

Parag chhapekar @paragchhapekar

#Piku mindblowing awasum ffantastic beautiful, humorous. emotional hats of @ShoojitSircar one of the finest film of our times .

Surabhi R @surabhiii

#Piku is outstandingly beautiful. Loved the first half! Waiting to see what lies ahead on this crazy roadtrip #Piku truly touches your heart and leaves you teary eyed yet smiling! @ShoojitSircar we really need filmmakers like you!

Chandni Bakshi @ChandniBakshi

Managed to watch a 5pm show of #Piku since all late evening and night shows in Dubai were fully booked! #Piku is pure heart. Thank you for making my day @ShoojitSircar @SrBachchan @deepikapadukone @irrfan_k

Heenakumawat @heenakumawat

Motion to emotion...excellent movie #Piku @SrBachchan @deepikapadukone and @irrfan_k. Congrats to piku team.

Suman Sharma @sumisharma31

What a beautiful movie #Piku. Hats off to @ShoojitSircar outstanding performance by @SrBachchan and @deepikapadukone. Must watch.

Anand mandhane @anumandhane

#Piku brilliant performance by dippy sr bacchan saab and evergreen Irfan khan! Can't get this mve out of my head @DipikaPadukone @SrBachchan

Khilav Dhanesha @KhilavD

Wonderful Film........Wonferful acting by #Sir Amitabh Bacchan, Deepika Padukon n other actors just loved it....... #Piku

Amrit K @QwertyBwoy

#piku watched... And it's one of those moments when I miss my dad a lot.. Thank you @deepikapadukone

Sham @shamjaw

#Piku is definitely one of @deepikapadukone best performances till now.such a treat.simple yet heartfelt story with a great after effect.