(Representational image) Pig with elephant trunk born in Thailand.Creative Commons.

Villagers in a remote Thai village were shocked to see a bizarre looking piglet in one of the pens there. The creature has a pig's body but an elephant-like trunk hanging from its forehead between his tiny eyes.

Villagers informed it is a male piglet with a completely deformed face. It was born on Saturday, February 17 in a small village in Thailand's Nakhon Phanom province, which is on the Laos border, reported The Mirror.

The villagers are now bottle-feeding the animal as it is not able to suckle from its mother and are providing round-the-clock care.

"The young pig did not have any strength. He was so weak and couldn't reach his mother... He came out of the womb deformed or handicapped and looks like a little elephant. He doesn't know it though, I feel so sorry for him," a local farmer was quoted as saying by the website.

Check out a video clip of the piglet here: 

Deformities can happen for several reasons -- genetic mutation, damage to the fetus or uterus and complications at birth, to name a few.

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