Chimera cats
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If you're a cat-lover, welcome to a whole new world of furry cuteness. Some cats, who may be chimeras, have their face divided from the middle into two distinct colors. And we found two of the cutest of the lot for you, Quimera and Venus!

The adorable cat Venus is half golden and half black, with a flawless line splitting her face into two colors. She has 1.4 million followers on Instagram. Quimera is also half tabby and half black, with one greenish-yellow and one blue eye. She has 72,000 followers on Instagram.

The exact reason for the felines' unusual appearance is not known, but they resemble chimeras, who are formed when two fertilized eggs merge in the mother's womb. The only way to prove chimerism is through genetic testing.

Chimeras occur in many species, including humans, but often remain undetected due to the absence of striking differences in features. In humans, it may show itself through patches of differently colored hair.

The word chimera refers to a fire-breathing hybrid monster in Greek mythology. But don't go by the name, these cats are the total opposite of monstrous by all means.

Doctors speculate that this kind of cats may be distinct examples of calicos as well, as chimeras are incredibly rare. In any case, cats like Quimera and Venus are bundles of joy who have been winning hearts of people around the world.

Check out these oh-so-adorable pictures of the fuzzy furballs:

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