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Have you ever heard of gallstones making people rich? A Chinese farmer is all set to become a millionaire after experts believe that he has pig gallstone that is worth $605,000 (approximately £450,000).

The 51-year-old villager named Bo Chunlou from Ju County in Rizhao from China's southeastern province Shandong slaughtered one of his pigs and found gallstone that experts call an extremely rare object.

The object known as bezoar is a mass comprised of hairball or stone and usually found in an animal's gastrointestinal system. Practitioners of Chinese medicine call this object "Pig Treasure" and believe products made from this rare object can remove toxins from the body.

Chunlou found the 4-inch long, 2.7-inch wide bezoar after he slaughtered an eight-year-old 550lb pig on his farm, Mirror.co.uk said. He found a large gallstone inside the pig after slaughtering her.

The farmer and his son spent around $6,000 (approximately £4,500) to travel to the major port city of Shanghai to get experts approval stamp on the bezoar. The father-son duo was informed that the pig bezoar or the pig treasure is worth $605,000 (approximately £450,000).

Bo, Chunlou's son, said he would "accept offers starting at 1 million RMB (112,120 GBP)."

Meanwhile, several social media users have expressed their opinion after the story went viral. Many suggested that the story could be fake, but several others talked about the medicinal value of bezoar.

"A lot of other things don't make sense, how is it a bezor but found in the galbladder. That isn't how a galbladder works, if it was a gal stone it would be calcium not hair," a reddit user commented.

"I think the chines made up this story, decades ago at least, like fake news today, and someone believes it still..........ahaahaah," another said.

"Apparently they have valuable medical properties and is very rare. So basically you can kill pigs for their loot. Wonder what the drop rate is," a third user said.