bihar hospital skeletons

The horror in Bihar's Muzaffarpur continues after hundreds of skeletal remains were found behind the compound of the Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital (SKMCH), where over a 100 children died of encephalitis in the past week.

Multiple skeletons were found strewn while there were also a few bodies in a charred condition, reports ANI.

The hospital confirmed that skeletons were found here. "Skeletal remains have been found here. Detailed information will be provided by the principal," Dr Vipin Kumar of SKMCH was quoted as saying in the report.

"After post-mortem, all the bodies are dumped in the forest behind the hospital. I never tried to ask the authorities about these skeletons," Janak Paswan, the caretaker of the hospital said.

SK Shahi, the medical superintendent of the hospital called out the means of disposing of the remains. He said that the bodies, after the post mortem, could have been disposed in a more humane way rather than dumping them behind the hospital.

He added that while the post-mortem department is under the principal, it should be done with a more humane approach. "I'll talk to the principal and ask him to constitute an investigating committee," he said.

He added, "When a hospital receives any dead body, it has to immediately contact the nearest police station and file a report in this connection. The corpse has to be kept in the postmortem room for 72 hours after the report has been filed. If no family member arrives for identification of the body within 72 hours, it is the duty of the postmortem department to bury or burn the body following the stipulated procedure."

Upon initial investigation, the police found that the remains belonged to unclaimed bodies. They were burnt and dumped behind the hospital.

The hospital is already under fire due after 108 children died due to AES or Acute Encephalitis Syndrome.