Amy Jackson

While for many women it takes years to shed-off the post-pregnancy weight, for Amy Jackson, it seems to be a cakewalk. Barely two months after giving birth to son Andreas, Amy Jackson is back in shape and how!

Amy Jackson and her British fiancee George Panayiotou welcomed the birth of their first child, Andreas, on September 23, 2019. Till the last trimester, Amy continued working out and eating healthy. The 2.0 actress continued sharing her workout and fitness photos throughout her pregnancy.

Ever since her pregnancy, Amy has been sharing many pictures with her newborn son. From giving us tiny details about the little one to sharing his cute pictures, Amy is making the most of her motherhood on social media too.

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Fall’en for you ?

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Big fat Greek wedding

While Amy is currently enjoying maternity break, the diva is also preparing for her grand wedding early next year. The big fat greek wedding is expected to take place early next year. Amy recently shared a picture of who her Man of Honour would be. Sharing a picture of her best friend, Tom Stockton, Amy wrote, "Happy Birthday to my Day 1 @tomstockton - The loyalest, SASSIEST soul I know... it's my absolute honour, to have you as my Man of Honour So grateful for all the love and laughter over the years. Best friends for life ❤️ Love you Baby T!"

Amy's unplanned pregnancy

Revealing details about her pregnancy, Amy had earlier told a magazine, "It was totally unplanned. We had no idea. We're at that stage where we're definitely ready for it. I don't think you can ever plan something perfectly, but we're in such a good place. We're happy together, we have a beautiful home and we're excited to be a mum and dad."

"We know each other pretty well - the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between. We were inseparable before, but this is a different closeness. It's important to have your own career and identity, but it's nice to have this time to think about what's next. I've always gone from one film to the next so I'm using this as a bit of respite - for now," she added.