Sofia Hayat goes topless
Sofia Hayat goes toplessInstagram

Former Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat, who now claims to be a spiritual figure, posted a topless picture on Instagram.

Known for many controversies, Sofia posted a photo on Instagram where she is seen completely topless, while covering her assets with her hands. To make the look cheeky, she wore a cap and sun-glasses.

She shared the image to show her tan lines after an hour of beach time. "1 hour in the sun! Is that a bikini or tan lines???," she captioned the picture.

Apparently, Sofia shared the picture to show her tan lines after spending some time on a beach in bikini.

Sofia had risen to fame after she featured in a completely nude photoshoot. Later, Bigg Boss made her quite popular in the television world, following which she had featured in a number of A-rated films.

Although she now claims to be a nun, Sofia often posts sensuous and semi-nude pictures on social media. While her genuine fans appreciate her beauty, many others mock her for the same reason.