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Disha Patani is one such celeb from the industry who has an equal number of haters for each of her fans. Not only do these haters and trolls keep track of all her pictures, videos, movements and updates but, never refrain from giving their two-cents either.

Disha, who regularly endorses a lingerie brand on her Instagram, had recently shared some scintillating pictures of her wearing a red-coloured lingerie. While the picture soon went viral, with many complimenting the actress for such a perfect body, there were many who felt that the picture showed a bit 'too much'.

While a few questioned why Tiger Shroff doesn't say anything to her on such photos, there were a few comments which said she doesn't need this kind of publicity. Recently on Karan Johar's show, Koffee with Karan, KJo had questioned Tiger about why they are always spotted together.

"I am great friends with her. I love her company and we are keeping it at that. We both have very similar interests. I don't have very many friends in the industry and she is one of the few people whom I get along with," Tiger had said.

While Tiger may have chosen his words quite carefully, papa Jackie Shroff has certainly spilled the beans on his relationship while talking to Mumbai Mirror. "Tiger found his first friend, who is a girl, at 25. Till then he never looked around. They share the same passions, dance and work-out together. She comes from a family of army officers, so, she understands the value of discipline. Who knows they may get married in future or remain friends for life. For now, they are just friends."

Well, we certainly don't see anything wrong in this picture of Disha Patani and really hope the duo soon come out in the open and accept their relationship.