February 6, 2017 16:39 IST

Kangana Ranaut zooms in to kick-start the Jaipur Marathon in a classic vintage car

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'Jaanbaaz Julia' a.k.a. Kangana Ranaut kick-starts the eighth edition of AU Jaipur Marathon on 5th February, 2017 in an elegant demeanour. She zooms into the venue in a quintessential classic vintage car, charming all her fans, gathered around in huge numbers. Women Empowerment was the theme of the marathon and who better than Kangana to flag off the event. She is the perfect example of women's achievement in India for her remarkable acting prowess.
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Kangana has been getting positive feedback for her bold and fearless character in her upcoming film, 'Rangoon.' The movie is set against the backdrop of World War II and seems to be having a lot of British influence in India at the time, the 1940s, when India was striving for independence.
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The film has an innate vintage feel to it, with Kangana playing the role of an actress, Saif a filmmaker and Shahid a soldier. We notice Kangana and Saif looking stylish and sophisticated being a part of the glamour industry in the film, attending elaborate parties and events in fashionable clothes and traveling in splendid vintage cars.
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Kangana is excited for the release of 'Rangoon' and has been promoting it widely. It is interesting to note she has been grabbing eyeballs for traveling in exquisite vintage cars for her promotions. Not only was she seen entering the Jaipur Marathon venue in a vintage car, she was also spotted traveling by one from Mumbai airport to her house, once she was back from Jaipur.
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In fact, the Kangana is all set to charm her fans in style! She will be seen traveling only in vintage cars for the promotions of 'Rangoon' wherever she goes. The actress as a run upto Rangoon will now be seen travelling in a vintage car which she will using as a ride through the month. The actress will be seen in this vintage ride, everywhere she travels, be it for her work commitments or her personal routine.