Urvashi Dholakia

Actress Urvashi Dholakia, who is most popularly known for portraying the negative role of Kamolika from Kasauti Zindagi ki, is now spreading her magic with her dancing skills on the set of Nach Baliye season 9 with her ex- boyfriend Anuj Sachdeva.

The couple has been one of the most talked-about jodis on the show as they have taken on the challenge of participating as an ex-jodi. Urvashi and Anuj have week after week been shown versatility, taking on a new challenge and dance form to entertain their audience.

This weekend, the duo will be taking us back to our roots as they will be seen performing on the mythological saga of Krishna and Radha with the theme of 'selfless love'. The cherry on the cake will be Urvashi's classical performance as in the span of three minutes, the actress will be seen in three different avatars; ie. Radha, Mira and Rukmani.

Interestingly, not only will Urvashi be seen swaying away in the traditional avatar but the actress also managed to change costumes in the middle of her act making the entire act a true visual treat!

Urvashi Dholakia's sons Sagar and Kshitij Dholakia were recently invited on the show and interestingly, the boys are keen on their mother patching up with her ex-boyfriend and Nach Baliye 9 partner Anuj Sachdeva.

But Urvashi had a different take on the love chapter. Talking about reconciling with Anuj, Urvashi had said in an interview with Spotboye, "When I needed him in my initial days, I never got a positive response or clarity from Anuj. Now that I am independent, I don't want to be dependent on anyone."

Commenting on Urvashi's relationship with Anuj, her sons said, "Anuj is a very nice person, he's perfect for our mom. Whenever he bought anything for her, he would always get something for us too. Anuj is like family to us, but we never questioned our mom about her relation with Anuj. All we want is for her to be happy and if she's happy with Anuj, we are happy for her."