The novel coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, and as of now, this deadly pandemic has claimed the lives of more than 1,09,000 people worldwide. In the midst of this chaos, an Indian pharma company is busy deceiving the general public by mismarketing an antiseptic soap with an outlandish claim that it protects the users from coronavirus.

Cetrimide Corona Soap: Defrauding gullible Indians

Medical experts including the WHO recommend maintaining proper social/physical distancing, personal hygiene and washing hands thoroughly with soap/use of hand-sanitizers as methods to coronavirus at bay.

corono soap
Corono Soap marketed by Lifecura Pharma

It should be noted that brands like Lifebuoy/Dettol, in their advertisements, have been urging people to wash their hands with soaps regularly, and such chaotic times, they did not ask the public to use their specific soap brands to stay safe. Instead, they requested people to wash their hands thoroughly using any soap.

Fact-checking this claim 

However, the "pharma company" named Lifecura is now publicizing misleading information about their product which they have deceptively named 'Corono' Medicated Soap. The product is now listed for sale on India Mart, and the company is selling one unit of this soap that weighs 100 grams for Rs 90.

corono soap
Corono Soap's India Mart Advertisement

Shockingly, in one of their recent advertisements, the company which markets Corono soap claimed that using it will protect the users from coronavirus infection.

Can a Cetrimide soap combat coronavirus infection?

The active ingredient in "Corono" soap, as advertised by the company, is Cetrimide. Cetrimide is basically an antiseptic which is a mixture of different quaternary ammonium salts including cetrimonium bromide. It is primarily used topically for wound cleansing and the treatment of some skin disorders.

Cetrimide does not have any antiviral property, and it affirms the fact that this soap is not capable to reduce coronavirus risk. However, just like any other soaps, this "corono" soap can be also used for routine handwashing and has zero direct impact on COVID-19.

Interestingly, when we checked the website of Lifecura Pharma, we found that "Corono" soap has been listed as a new product, and it clearly indicates that the company has tried to exploit the current pandemic in the country.

corono soap
Corono Soap listed in Lifecura Pharma's inventory

On the soap cover, Lifecura Pharma has claimed that these soaps are being manufactured by a UK healthcare company named 'Medsea'. However, when we checked the UK company's website, we failed to find any such product named "corono" Soap in their inventory.

As the entire country is now locked down due to coronavirus scare, authorities should take strict legal action against these companies which try to exploit the pandemic to make money.

Claim: "corono" soap combats Coronavirus

Verdict: FALSE