A still of Mammootty from Peranbu: Facebook

Peranbu is a Tamil-language family drama that deals with a father-daughter relationship. Written by director Ram, the movie is about Amudhavan (Mammootty), who takes his spastic child Papa (Sadhna) away from the chaos of the city life. 

The story of Amudhavan and Papa

Mammootty plays a confused parent named Amudhavan. His daughter Papa is suffering from cerebral palsy. In Peranbu, we will not see those glitzy relationships between elite father and kids which we usually see in Bollywood Karan Johar flicks. Instead, Ram has portrayed the relationship between Amudhavan and Papa in the rawest manner, and it will make everyone cry for sure.

Even though Amudhavan is a very caring father, his daughter does not like him coming closer, and this pulls Amudhavan to a state of dilemma. When Amudhavan comes near her, she freaks out in an uncontrolled manner. Things take a welcome turn when Amudhavan and Papa start living at a house on the hilltop.

Slowly, Papa starts loving her father and an emotional bond develops between the two. Interestingly, nature plays a crucial role in this movie, and some of the chapters in this movie are named 'nature is brutal' and 'nature is cruel'. And later, the tone shifts into 'nature is full of surprises'.

Ram: An impeccable filmmaker

The sexuality of differently-abled kids are not discussed much, and in this movie, Ram has made that daring move. Apart from the hard-hitting theme, Ram has also crafted the movie in a brilliant manner. The frames look magical, and from the initial minute of the run time, audiences are taken to an emotional ride along with Amudhavan and Papa.

Mammootty: A National Award awaiting?

This film is blessed with Mammootty's finest performance in his career. He literally lived as Amudhavan, and it will be great if Mammootty does at least one such film every year, instead of playing mass commercial flicks with no substance.

Saadhana as Papa is convincing, and in some scenes, she really overshadowed Mammootty's screen presence. Anjali too did justice to her role.

Final verdict

Peranbu is a must-watch movie and will make you understand that most of the people in this world are leading a blessed life when compared to Papa and other differently-abled kids in this world.