It was a proud moment for India when 18-year-old Hima Das created history by winning the gold medal in the women's 400m event at the IAAF World U20 Championships last week. Congratulations have been pouring in from people all over the country. And, Indians jumped at the first chance to defend Das when a provocative tweet by Athletics Federation of India commented on her English speaking skills.

While it was a sight to see the nation stand by the Indian sprinter and share the joyous moment in unity, a darker side was revealed in Google's most searched topics. It is natural people looked up Hima Das on Google after her historic win as the curiosity among Indians was overwhelming.

Hima Das
Hima Das became the only Indian athlete to win a track event at an IAAF meet.KALLE PARKKINEN/AFP/Getty Images

In fact, we put together a detailed piece on "Who is Hima Das?" to get Indians acquainted with the "Golden Girl." Since Google is our go-to place to learn about practically anything in the world, Hima Das-related searches skyrocketed after her historic win last week.

Google's algorithm is designed in such a way that it shows the most searched topic on top. And as it appears, the most searched topic about Hima Das is her caste. This shows the sad state of our nation. Several people have now tweeted on the issue.

Below are some reactions from people who learned that people searched for "Hima Das caste" more than anything else on Google.

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