Along the lively aisles of a Bengaluru market, shoppers found themselves amused when they encountered an unexpected celebrity adorning the walls of a vegetable shop. The image, portraying a wide-eyed woman caught in a moment of either shock or fury, quickly became a social media sensation a week ago.

The excitement kicked off when @Niharika_rao stumbled upon this unusual sight while on a quest for fresh produce. Three snapshots captured the essence of the moment, displaying a range of emotions from the unsuspecting vegetable enthusiast.

Amidst carts overflowing with tomatoes, papayas, and watermelons, the perfectly timed scene showcased the woman's portrait hanging near the tomato section. With a caption resonating with many, the user shared, "I am so glad I stepped out today."

As the photo continues to rack up likes, shares, and inevitably inspire a few memes, one user quipped, "I need this on my wall for motivation." Another chimed in, "From what I gather, it's not much of a story; it's just meant to ward off the evil eye. This photo has become a trend and can be found in many other shops too."

Yet another pondered, "But who is this woman? Judging by her popularity among the vendors in the area, she seems to be quite effective in warding off evil, doesn't she?"