Payal Rohatgi and Sonia Gandhi
Payal Rohatgi and Sonia GandhiCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

A day after Payal Rohatgi was granted bail after being arrested by the Bundi police and spending a night in jail for her 'objectionable' post on Nehru-Gandhi family, her fiancé, Sangram Singh has come out in her support.

Sangram Singh happy with support Payal received

Calling the entire fiasco 'intentional', Singh told TOI, "There was no case and all this was done intentionally. I would like to tell Rajasthan police, there are so many crime-related incidents happening in their state and they should be concerned about it. But they have all the time to make such cases and arrest people. Leaving all the serious cases and issues their entire team is busy with Payal Rohatgi's case. I am happy that everyone supported Payal in this hour of need and she has got bail. I am happy that the court the right decision as we are a democratic country and the decision was not made under any political pressure."

Payal Rohatgi
Payal Rohatgi sent to judicial custody.Twitter

Sangram Singh questions Kanhaiya Kumar

Sangram also raised questions at how other people like Kanhaiya Kumar, who have said so many things against the nation have been roaming freely while Payal was arrested over the data she used from Google. He also asked why doesn't the government and the authorities do something to ban those information pages. He added, "I feel relieved that Payal is out. Court has stated today that freedom of speech is there in this country. I don't understand that people like Kanhaiya and all who talk against the nation how come they are out. Even they should be punished. Why are they roaming around freely? Nobody is taking any action against them. Payal made a video on the information available on the internet and in the books so she was sent behind bars. How is this justified? The book should also be banned. The websites where this information is available should also be shut down. I think we have Freedom of speech in our country then we should be allowed to express our opinions. I don't think it is a crime to make a video on the facts available on the internet or in books."

Payal Rohatgi's ordeal

Payal Rohatgi had also opened up about staying in jail and spending a night there with other criminals. She told IWMBuzz, "How can this happen? What did I do? I am just so so relieved to be out of that ordeal. I was whisked away by the Rajasthan police from Ahmedabad as soon as they realized I had applied for bail. They first put me in a filthy cell in the police station, then took me to jail where I was locked up with five hardcore criminals. It was a nightmare. We had to sleep on the cold floor. That's where one sleeps in jail. I wouldn't have been able to survive one more night in that jail."