Pawan Kalyan and Sri Reddy
Pawan Kalyan and Sri ReddyCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

Controversial actress Sri Reddy alleged that like her Pawan Kalyan had s** with many people outside marriage and there is difference between him and her. But the mindset of society makes her low.

It is known that of late, Sri Reddy has given a break to exposing celebs' sexual harassment for some time now and she has been busy election campaigns. Though no party officially hired her as star campaigner, she has extended her voluntary service and campaigned for Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and YSR Congress Party (YCP) on Facebook.

She has made it clear that she has a lot of love and respect for TDP chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu and YCP supreme YSR Jagan Mohan Reddy. She wants one of them to be the next Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. She also hates Pawan Kalyan a lot and she has projected him as a joker and unfit for CM post. She has continued to be vocal on the Jana Sena Party chief even after elections are over.

A day after the voting completed in Andhra Pradesh, Sri Reddy made a sensational comment on Pawan and called him a bitch. The actress wrote on Facebook on April 12, "If I am a bitch, let me be a bitch, why are you bitching about me you bitches.. my enemy pawan is a big bitch, he inspired me to do bitching.. by the way I am a good hearted and a dare bitch.. love me okay.. you bitch, live like a lion (sic)."

Continuing her attack, Sri Reddy said that being unmarried, she has slept with many, whereas married Pawan Kalyan has done the same. There is no difference between him and her, but the society view both of them differently. This mindset is a dangerous and a serious threat for the society.

Sri Reddy posted on April 12, "(as a normal lady) i slept with few with out hvng thali..pawan kalyan(cm candidate)had sex with so many people with thali..(enna prachana?) what is the difference?? nothing! Only "problem is with society's mind set" matter of thread nd it can threaten u. wahh society.. (sic)."

A day later, Sri Reddy condemned the filmmakers, who are selling nudity through their films. She wrote, "Stop selling ladies nudity in movies..why our responsible Indians are not questioning about this exposing, you people only fight for babri masjid nd cows huh.. when movie culprits are crossing the line, no one is not there to stop ,heroines are in helpless situations..appreciated nayanthara, stopped exposing.."