Partying techie falls to death from 9th floor in Bengaluru [Representational Image]Creative Commons

A software engineer reportedly died after he accidentally fell from the ninth floor of an apartment building in Bellandur, Bengaluru, on Thursday, March 1.

Gautam Kumar, a senior software engineer in a private firm in the IT city, was partying with his friends and consuming alcohol when he lost his balance on the balcony of the building and plunged to his death.

Kumar, a native of Patna in Bihar, shared the apartment with these friends and they were reportedly having a Holi party. He is said to have gone to the balcony to attend a call. "When we were drinking, he received a phone call and went to the balcony. We heard him talking over the phone. So we did not go near the balcony. But even after 15 minutes when he did not come inside, we went to see what happened. He wasn't there. So we peeped over the railing and found him lying in a pool of blood," his friend Saurav told the New Indian Express. 

The friends immediately alerted the building's security guard and called for an ambulance. Kumar was rushed to the hospital but was declared brought dead. The body was then shifted to St John's Hospital for an autopsy.

Kumar's sister Swati, who lives in the Nagawara area and is a business analyst, was informed of the incident and she has now filed a case with the Bellandur police. However, no allegations have been made against the friends and she said that they had no differences. 

She also explained that Kumar was unmarried and often drank excessively. She too said that he was drunk and lost his balance on the balcony, eventually falling to his death. 

The police have also scanned through the CCTV footage of the building and do not suspect any foul play. Any form of negligence has also been ruled out.

"Safety measures were found to be in place in the apartment block and no negligence was found to be the cause of the mishap. Everything is recorded in the CCTV camera and the deceased person's family statement is also recorded," an officer added. 

The incident comes a few months after another techie in the IT city fell from the terrace of an office building. Geethanjali, a 27-year-old IT professional, fell from the 10th floor of her office block at Cessna Business Park near Marathahalli. 

While it was initially thought to be an accident, police later suspected that she had taken her own life. They said that Geethanjali had searched for ways to kill herself, as per her phone records. 

"We found that she had searched for most effective ways to commit suicide and had looked for tablets. She had searched for their names and the quantity that should be consumed to kill oneself. All these emerged from the internet search history of her cellphone," the police told the Times of India.