Maeer's MIT school, Pune
Maeer's MIT school, PuneANI

Maeer's MIT School in Pune is at the receiving end of some serious outrage of parents who have staged a protest after the school issued, what many have called a set of ridiculous rules for students.

Maeer's MIT School issued a notification regarding the innerwear for girls on Wednesday. The shocked parents received the diktat in the school diary, with warnings of consequences if children failed to adhere to it.

MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul school specified that girls need to wear a white or skin-coloured innerwear and even specified a length requirement for skirts worn by girls. It also limited the use of washrooms to a specific time.

Furthermore, the diary also stated that students would be fined Rs. 500 for drinking water or using electricity unnecessarily and for not dumping sanitary waste properly.

What's worse is that the school said both parents and the students would have to face consequences if they failed to follow the rules.

The school intimated parents about the new rules, asking them to sign the diary of their ward.

The school's new set of rules did not receive the desired response for obvious reasons. It has caused an outrage among the parents, who staged a protest in front of the school. They not only questioned the diktat but also its manner of implementation, calling it unnecessary and complicated.

Agitated parents also met with the director of primary education, asking for the rules to be removed. This has lead to a probe being initiated into the incident.

Dr Suchitra Karad Nagare, executive director of MIT Group of Institutions responded by saying that the intention behind issuing the new rules was 'very pure' and did not have any hidden agenda, adding that the move was based on past experiences, and was not meant to cause trouble for students or parents.

School principal Padma Giri Dhanya also came out in defence of the rule, saying coloured innerwear under a white uniform encouraged teasing.

If that really is the case, though, one might wonder why doesn't the school punish the students to indulge in eve-teasing, instead of imposing restrictions on young impressionable kids in order to keep eve-teasers at bay.