Paras Chhabra has given a fitting reply to his ex-flame Pavitra Punia for her hopeless attempt to gain publicity on his name. He not only called her, but also vowed to expose her lies if he enters Bigg Boss 14.

Paras Chhabra, who is known for winning Splitsvilla 5 and participating in Bigg Boss 13, has been in the news for all the good reasons, from his work to his social work. Now he has hit back his ex-girlfriend Pavitra Punia for her attempt to gain publicity. Calling it 'exceptionally desperate', the model-cum-actor said that during his relationship with Pavitra he discovered numerous lies.

Paras Chhabra and Pavitra Punia
Paras Chhabra and Pavitra PuniaTwitter

The Bigg Boss 13 fame actor said that the most shocking lie was her marital status. Paras Chhabra said, "Pavitra has rightly said that Paras was her mistake because a married woman can't be dating and fooling me. It was alarming to know this when her husband messaged me and said you both could be with each other as much as you want but only after my divorce with her."

Paras Chhabra added, "I confronted her and she agreed, then I got to know one after the shocking revelations about her. I don't want to open my mouth right now. I could be explosive right now, but time will tell and it shows during her stint in BB. If I open my mouth things can go against her and it won't be good. She hid about her marriage from me."

paras chhabra

Meanwhile, Paras Chhabra said that this is not the first time she has tried to de-frame him and sabotage his image. He said, "Her need and wants to be in the news is getting out of hand. Passing senseless comments to make headlines is disgusting. Entering or not entering the Bigg Boss house is my personal decision which has nothing to do with her. But I swear if at all I enter, I will make sure that I expose her."