Rabi Pirzada
Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada statement after her private video leaked incident.YouTube Screenshot

Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada is totally shattered after her private pictures and videos got leaked online and were widely circulated through messaging apps. After the unfortunate leaks, the singer announced that she has quit showbiz and asked Allah to forgive her sins. And now, Rabi has released a video on her YouTube channel talking about the tragedy to that occurred to her at the beginning of the month of November.

Speaking her heart out in the video, a disturbed Rabi said in her statement that her 'private video leaked' incident marks rebirth in her life and from now onwards, her life is dedicated to Allah and his teachings. She also wished the culprits to be punished for their wrongdoings and requested her fans and well-wishers to pray for her.

Read Rabi Pirzada's full statement on her private videos leaked incident.

"In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful.

The man said, "I am tired." The answer came, "Do not be overwhelmed by the mercy of Allah." For so many days in silence, I was looking for answers. Deep down I was complaining to Allah. There someone told me that when the time of sorrow descends upon a man, there are only two reasons for that. Either Allah punishes you or it's a trial. I enquired how will I come to know that its punishment or trial. He said that after this if I remained trapped in the swamp of sins then its punishment but if I connect with Allah and follows his path then it's a trial.

Whatever I made, it was private. It's between me and my Allah. I am guilty of Allah. He knows the state of heart, he understands the price of my tears.

Believe me, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, he is the most merciful and kind. When my data was leaked, it got viral like wildfire. So many people offered me jobs, TV commercials, film, TV programs and concerts. Like I always said, the kind of response that we get on the negative viral content. Many women offered me support. We will protest for you. No one will dare talk against you.

Those like #MeToo, #MeraJismMeriMerzi. But no, my being belongs to Allah or my body is Allah's will. I have disobeyed Allah in my privacy. Allah showed me. It was my will to continue in showbiz but it was Allah's will to put me on his path.

Rabi Pirzada
Rabi PirzadaYouTube Screenshot

So many Muslims talked against me. It was a 'cheap popularity stunt'. Someone said 'Dekh kar delete kar dunga'. Few blamed Modi, a poem against Imran Khan, others blamed institution and made false claims about myself approaching for Asylum. If it had not been me, who stood fast, would have taken asylum and started a new life. Few people even claimed that I have committed suicide.

That time I realised that it's the society, responsible to drag the oppressed girl into the sins. You are all guilty. All Muslims having faith in Allah, Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) and The Quran, the holy book but astray from the sayings of Allah, our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) and the holy book Quran.

People said that, "An evil person pretending to be holy" which I consider blasphemous. First thing first "Cats can't go to pilgrimage", secondly, how can you stop a person proceeding to mend his ways? Such kind of response puzzle so many people looking for light.

Muslims who shared my stuff or were accomplice are targeted by cyber-crime and FIA. Even two persons are arrested in the same connection. They will get punished in this life and hereafter (inshaAllah) because Allah grasp is severe. InshaAllah, they are guilty in Allah's court and they will be punished. InshaAllah.

I pray that such kind of people should be punished. Their name and words don't match their actions. At the same time, I met people who helped me and stood by me without any greed. Their selflessness resembled that of angels sent from Allah.

This (private video leaked) incident marks rebirth in my life and from today onwards, my life is dedicated to Allah and his teachings. If I continue my 'choti si baat', it will encompass the teachings of Allah and his Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.). My paintings will depict the places that always remained mysterious to me. I want to stay there forever by heart. If I sing, my voice will be for my Allah and Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) or Sufiana Kalam.

From today onwards, my aim is 'after life'. For me, it's too easy to disappear in the limelight of showbiz but now I am scored for my life hereafter. There are so many examples right in front of us where people were turned back to the sins that stand wrong for me. So many people like me are out there who are misguided but unaware. If they can learn from me, may be Allah forgive me in charity of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.).

Please pray for me and Kashmir.

Thank you."