Ed Sheeran
British singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran performs during a concert in Mumbai on November 19, 2017.STR/AFP/Getty Images

A Pakistan based Urdu news channel just called British singer Ed Sheeran the "best female singer of 2017." Despite his popularity worldwide, the Urdu news channel did not realize that the English singer-songwriter is a male as they described him as a British pop queen.

The four times Grammy Award-winning singer has recently earned accolades for his hit numbers from Divide album — Shape of You and Castle Rock.

Taking to Twitter, a user pointed out how Pak news channel, Express news has referred the Thinking Out Loud crooner as a 'Bartanvi pop queen', the ticker, which was written in Urdu, reads, "Bartanvi pop queen Ed Sheeran 2017 ki behtareen gulukara ban gayeen."

It means, "British pop queen Ed Sheeran becomes 2017's best female singer."

Along with a picture of the ticker, the Twitter user wrote: "Ed Sheeran pop queen aur gulukara? Express news thinks that Ed Sheeran is a female."

His tweet led to a laughter riot on Twitter as many poked fun on the news channel. Check out some of the funniest Twitter reactions below.

Speaking of Pakistani media, recently two news anchors' heated argument during a break of the live news bulletin went viral. In the 30-second-long clip, the news anchors were seen scuffling with each other while the cameras were still rolling. This viral clip also tickled ribs of many Twitter users.