Pakistani diplomats in New Delhi skipped the Republic Day Parade in New Delhi when India celebrated the 72nd anniversary of becoming a republic. Yesterday, in a public statement, Pakistan's Foreign Minister had said no Pakistani diplomat will join the Republic Day ceremonies in India.

He further went on to add that India is heading towards a Hindutva state and it can no more present its so-called secular face to the world. He also said that Kashmiris in 'Indian Kashmir' and minorities in India are not safe, bringing many eyebrows raise around the world over Pakistan's record of human rights violations, intolerance to Hindus, Sikhs and Christians on its own soil.

In 2014, an NGOs estimated that around 1,000 girls from minority groups every year are forced to convert into Islam for marriage, while in November 2019, a parliamentary committee was formed to prevent cases of forced conversion in Pakistan.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi
Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi.IANS

Pakistan media peddles fake news

Moreover, Pakistani media continuing its anti-Indian stance peddled misinformation. Several media outlets reported that New Delhi's Khan Market metro station resounded with slogans of "Pakistan Zindabad", which is a half-truth.

As per a report in NDTV, on Sunday at around 1 am, a PCR call about a handful of people shouting "Pakistan zindabad" (long live Pakistan) near the Khan Market metro station was received at the Tughlaq Road police station.

Republic Day 2021 parade highlights

A police team reached the spot and found three women, two men, and a teenager on Yulu blue-colored bikes were present. It came to light during questioning that they had come to the India Gate area on leased Yulu bikes for a race, a senior police officer said.

They agreed to call each other by country names, including Pakistani one. Hence, they shouted "Pakistan zindabad" in a lighter vein, explained the officer adding that an investigation is still being conducted.