In an innovative video shared by a Pakistani journalist, Ansar Abbasi on Twitter on Thursday, March 19, features Pakistan's Deputy Commissioner Hafizabad Naveed Shahzad singing the tunes of a song from 2003's Chalte Chalte, that featured Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role.

In the grim of the coronavirus outbreak, the bureaucrat's novel idea to educate the masses on how to contain the disease is simple yet vital.

tweet capture
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Innovative ways to keep the public aware

The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect people worldwide, with almost 2,19,345 people tested positive and 8,969 lives claimed across. To lessen the fear and panic among the masses, doctors, medical assistants, and political leaders are working round the clock to spread awareness about hygiene and prevention.

The bureaucrat's video has soon turned a wildfire in the social media platform with almost over 1.17 lakh views, 1,800 likes, and more than 5,500 likes. "I'm really impressed by his message. My kids are listening to him again and again and this is the best way to give this message to kids and young people," comments a user.

The bureaucrat goes in tune with the Bollywood

Shahzad's lyrics for the famous song goes singing on advocating the people to avoiding public gatherings, handshakes, and hug. He also requests melodiously to greet people from a distance and not to panic in this situation but to come together and fight against it by washing your hands regularly and following other preventive measures.

Amid the chaos, even the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has shared a video of a handwashing dance last week to spread awareness about the importance of washing hands to fight the deadly virus. Similarly, last day, a dance video posted by the Kerala police has stormed on the internet where a few uniformed cops wearing masks are seen dancing to the latest Malayalam hit number, showing the various steps to be followed while washing the hands.

On the other hand, Pakistan has currently reported 307 cases with two lives claimed by the deadly virus.