Pakistan authorities are brazenly exploiting the economic conditions of the helpless youth of their own country to push them into terrorism. As per the startling revelations made by arrested Pakistan terrorist Ali Babar, poor youth were misguided and lured into Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) outfit due to poverty.

Babar, 19, was arrested alive during an encounter with infiltrators on September 26 near the Line of Control (LoC) in north Kashmir's Uri area.

Babar was lured to join LeT outfit

The surrendered terrorist has revealed that his group of six terrorists primarily belonged to Pakistani Punjab. The surrendered terrorist belongs to Dipalpur in Dist Okara. He was misguided and lured into joining LeT due to poverty, having lost his father early. His family in Dipalpur consists of his widowed mother and an adopted sister. The family belongs to the lower class barely managing to make both ends meet.

Defence PRO

To escape poverty, Babar left schooling at Government School after class seven. He underwent three weeks of preliminary training at the Garhi Habibullah Camp in 2019 followed by refresher training in 2021. "Most of the instructors being employed for physical and weapons training were Pakistan Army personnel," he revealed during questing.

Killed terrorist was given Rs 20,000 for his mother's treatment

During the encounter with troops of the Army, one Pakistani terrorist Atiq ur Rehman alias Qari Anas, belonging to district Attock in Punjab, Pakistan aged 33 years was eliminated.

As per Babar, who was captured alive, Qari Anas resident of village Pindi, district Attock, Punjab Pakistan had given him Rs 20,000 for his mother's treatment and had promised to give him additional Rs 30,000 on safe return from Pattan near Baramulla, where the group was to deliver the war like stories. However, it was evident that it had more nefarious designs, which even the surrendered terrorist was unaware of.

False narrative created to exploit gullible youth

The false and fake narratives of "Islam being in danger" and perceived killing including the atrocities being committed against the Muslims in Kashmir was the main theme of indoctrination during the training. Possibly, the surrendered Pakistan national was coerced and lured into joining the terrorists' ranks due to his poor financial condition. According to the Army, "apparently, his appeal for surrender, as soon as his mate was killed, highlights that he was not convinced about the Jihad narrative".

line of control
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How infiltration attempt was foiled?

An infiltration bid was made by Pakistani terrorists along the Line of Control (LoC) in Uri Sector on the intervening night of 18 and 19 September 2021 and the same was eliminated over succeeding nights.

"Taking advantage of the night, uneven ground, bad weather, and thick undergrowth, Pakistan harboured terrorist group Lashkar-e-Toiba attempted to infiltrate six terrorists from the general area of Pakistani post Jabri," Defence sources said, adding, "During the infiltration attempt, while two terrorists were crossing the LoC, own patrolling party established contact with them. Taking advantage of the thick undergrowth, four terrorists ran back towards the POK side of LoC while remaining two terrorists managed to enter into own area."

Additional forces were inducted and multiple patrols were launched in the suspected areas and the getaway routes were blocked.

"On the night of September 25, 2021, contact was again established by one such patrol with the terrorists approximately 800 meters inside the LoC. Eventually, by the afternoon of September 26, one Pakistani terrorist Atiq ur Rehman alias Qari Anas was eliminated. The second Pakistani terrorist, named Ali Babar Patra, son of Late Mohd Lateef resident of Dipalpur, district Okara Punjab Pakistan, appealed to surrender and was captured alive without causing any harm to him.

The Indian Army does not differentiate between local terrorists or Pakistani terrorists if the terrorist is willing to surrender.

Pak Army pushing terrorists through Salamabad Nullah

The route taken by the terrorists to infiltrate was from Sawai Nullah terrorist camp to Hallan Shumali launch pad to Jabri, leading into Salamabad Nullah. It is pertinent to mention here that, it was along Salamabad Nullah through which terrorists infiltrated in 2016 with the help of the Pakistan Army and carried out a suicide attack on Uri Garrison.

uri attack
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Details of killed five Pakistan terrorists

  • Atiq-ur-Rehman alias Qari Anas, age – 33, Village - Pindikep, District- Attock, Punjab (Pakistan)
  • Tayyab, age – 24, Samundri City, District Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan.
  • Abu Bakkar Salfi, age 22, Satiana Town, tehsil Jaranwala, district Faislabad, Punjab Pakistan.
  • Abu Khitab, age – 35, tehsil Kasur, district Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.
  • Usman alias Abu Slaria, age – 27, Village Shahdra, district –Lahore, Punjab Pakistan, BA - Teacher in government school.