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The Indian Army was warned by the intelligence units regarding suspected enemy spies with fake profiles on social media targeting officers and Special Forces, asking them to pass confidential information.

Issuing a warning, the Directorate of Military Intelligence showed a profile of an Instagram account, 'Oyesomya' (now unavailable) along with the picture of the alleged spy.

The Indian military is no stranger to honey trapping of soldiers with officers falling prey to spies online who try to glean confidential information regarding the country.

In a similar case earlier in January, a soldier who was part of the Armoured Corp in Jaisalmer district in Rajasthan was arrested for allegedly giving military information to a Pakistani ISI spy. Identified as Sombir, the soldier was honey-trapped on social media by the spy, reports NDTV

However, since Sombir was a junior, he did not have access to important and confidential information and could not convey anything to the ISI spy with whom Sombir was regularly chatting with on Facebook. The spy was talking to Sombir with the name Anika Chopra and got information regarding Sombir's unit and their movements.

The Indian Army closely monitored the ISI activities and the activity of the soldier on social media. The investigation helped the intelligence uncover and track numerous social media accounts of suspected spies.

In another case in February 2018, an Air Force officer had allegedly provided information and documents to two Pakistani spies posing as women on Facebook. The accused, Group Captain Arun Marwaha (51), had unknowingly met the spies on Facebook and spoke to them.

Between 2015 and 2017, the intelligence reported five cases of honey trapping. The Air Force reported one, the Army reported four while the Navy did not report any case.