A college from the Oxford University, St Catherine's, also became the first to introduce gender-neutral washrooms inside its campus. (Representational Image)Reuters

Oxford University is encouraging its students to use the gender neutral pronoun "ze" instead of "he" or "she" while addressing their fellow students so as to not offend the transgender undergraduates in the University.

The University student union, in a leaflet, wrote that the move is being taken to reduce risking transgender students being offended by the use of wrong pronouns. The leaflet stated that the union hopes that the use of the gender-neutral pronoun will continue in classes, lectures and seminars in the campus.

The Oxford University behaviour code stated that the usage of a wrong pronoun to define a transgender person deliberately is an offence, the Daily Mail reported.

Reports state that the move is to be adapted by the University of Cambridge as well. "Gender neutral pronouns are good...It should happen in lectures, too," a transgender student at King's College said.

A college from the Oxford University, St Catherine's, also became the first to introduce gender-neutral washrooms inside its campus, the new lavatories are marked with a sign combining the familiar scientific symbols for male and female. The college hopes the same step will be taken by other colleges across the University.

"It is a positive thing to not always emphasise gender divisions and barriers. It is good to have gender-neutral pronouns for those who want them but it shouldn't be compulsory. This issue isn't about being politically correct or censoring anyone. It's about acknowledging the fact of changing gender identities and respecting people's right to not define themselves as male or female. Giving people the 'ze' option is a thoughtful, considerate move," LGBT rights campaigner Peter Tatchell told MailOnline.