Actress Oviyaa had an interaction with her fans recently and tried to answer as many questions as possible. The actress has not been much active on Twitter ever since the lockdown came into effect across the country.

Oviyaa interacts with her fans.Oviyaa Facebook Page

The Bigg Boss Tamil 1 contestant did not shy away from responding to uncomfortable questions. It is evident when a fan mentioned that he just completed "masturbation" for which she responded, "Good for you."

When someone tried to trigger fan wars between Ajith and Vijay fans, she harshly responded, "F**k off." However, most of the chat session went smoothly where she answered questions pertaining to personal life, mental health, and more.

Check out the unedited excerpts from Oviyaa's chat session:

Do you have any concepts about your husband?
I dnt want husband

What are some challenges you think the next generation will face? ...
Depression and impotency

How do you keep your fans even not present in industry
I'm not a narcissist to fool ppl by the name of fans! If u like me u like me if u hate me u hate me. Its dat simple !

Long time no tweets Oviya. Will you raise your voice on social issues going forward?
No .. unless I get some power to screw the real culprits.. I dnt do drama in real life !

Next release movie or marriage?
Marriage not in the list

What do you eat when you wake up in the morning?
Banana and green tea.

Wjy you are not following anyone in twitter? EyesEyes
Not interested in others life

Oviya's 90 ML
Oviyaa.PR Handout

what's something you wish you were taught in school that you use all the time in your everyday life?
I feel I wasted my time and money on school!

If you are feeling unmotivated, who helps you get yourself going?
I push myself.. noone loves me better dan I do !!

Do u hv any ideas abt entering into politics????
If its needed..

Y u r not active in twitter nowadays ??
I'm so unpredictable

ma'am we know that this moment is being difficult. but could you indicate something that we can do to take care of our mental health in this quarantine?
Noone can understand wat u feelin unless they go through it ! Deal with it by urself ! Noone gonna come n rescue!its ur life. Do watecrf u wanna do with it.all in ur hands!stay strong !!

ma'am What new new things you have been trying during the lockdown?
Self realizations

Y r u not marriage?
Marriage is a man made institution..I believe in nature.der is no marriage exist

Kerala-based Oviyaa started her career with Malayalam film Kangaroo and entered Tamil film industry with Naalai Namadhe. However, it was Kamal Haasan's Bigg Boss Tamil 1 which made her a household name.