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Oviya won the hearts of millions of fans in the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil. Honesty and straight-forward behaviour made the audience of the show overlooks her shortcomings and love her as the girl from their household. Her popularity was bigger than the winner (Aarav) of the show and it apparently made Vijay TV bring her to the house as guest in the second season.

After associated with the show for two seasons and looking the contestants from the close, Oviya has a suggestion to the audience, who are eagerly awaiting the start of Bigg Boss Tamil 3. "We all are human beings and destined to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect here and people should not be judgemental about the contestants," the 90ML actress said.

"What pleasure do we get by trolling someone and pointing at their flaws? Remember, the inmates are under pressure and bound to make mistakes. A right might be wrong for others and vice-versa. We may dislike a person, but trolling should not happen. To enter the house and expose their characters in a show witnessed by crores of people, one needs guts and this fact alone should be the point of appreciation," Oviya feels.

According to her, the mistakes made by the contestants should help us introspect. "Better watch it like a show," Oviya tells the fans. The 27-year old has already seen the promo of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 and impressed by it. "I didn't like the tag line of the second season, but I am impressed by one-liner of this season," the former Bigg Boss Tamil contestant adds.

Gayathri and Julie in the first season and Aishwarya Dutta in the second season were badly trolled by the fans.

The Kamal Haasan-hosted show is coming up with the caption, "This isn't just a show, it's our lives too." Meanwhile, the show is getting for a grand launch. It is most likely to be telecast from 23 June.