In a bizarre and unfortunate event, a man was rushed to the hospital after one of his testicles was chewed off by his wife while she was making love to him aggressively.

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The incident took place on December 26 and the wife called an ambulance around 2 am to their flat in Taichung City in West Taiwan.

When the paramedics arrived, the situation was pretty embarrassing for the couple. The man, surnamed Wang and aged 51, was dressed in a robe, holding his detached testicle in a rice bowl.

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Meanwhile the wife, surnamed Hsieh and aged 49, explained to the doctors that she had bitten it off accidentally, a Daily Mail report revealed.

The right testicle of the victim was bitten off, a report by a Taiwan news website called Apple Daily revealed.

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Working at a car repair shop, Wang and his wife are married for many years and are parents of two kids.

Wang was rushed to Tungs' Taichung Metro Harbor Hospital, where he was operated by Lu Li-hua, the ER supervisor.

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Wang's scrotum was stitched but his right testicle was not reattached because it could cause infection, Dr Li-hua explained.

"We were concerned that he would not be able to regain proper function of his testicle, which could lead to male infertility in the future," the doctor was quoted by Daily Mail as saying.

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Additional tests need to be carried out by the doctor to examine if this accident affected Wang's fertility in any way.

Reports even reveal that the wife was diagnosed with a mental illness after biting off her husband's testicle out of excitement in this bizarre incident.