Global technology brand OPPO is planning to work with camera and battery startups in India to improve end user's experience, Tasleem Arif, VP, and R&D Head, OPPO India said here on Wednesday.

The company is currently working with some startups in the country, and plans to further increase the number by partnering with camera AI and battery startups.

"There are few startups working on battery parts. However, camera AI is the one where we are seeing a good number of startups performing good," Arif told IANS here.


The company aims to provide opportunities to such startups which would help in enhancing its user's interest.

According to the brand, there are various startups which can not afford expensive labs, this OPPO plays a crucial role by providing proper infrastructure.

"To decide which startup we would like to work with completely depends on how the startup would help us in improving the user's experience," Arif added.

OPPO to partner Indian startups working on camera AI, battery

In 2021, OPPO India launched the OPPO 'Elevate Programme' to stimulate entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts, to come together, share different ideas for 'virtuous innovations'.

Through the programme, it aims to accelerate the overall innovation culture in India and mentor start-ups who have the potential to bring the next big technological change in the industry.

With an aim of redefining user experience, OPPO announced to set up a specialised power and performance lab at its Hyderabad R&D centres.

The fast-paced lifestyle of young Indians renders them to need a high performing device with longer battery life and lower power consumption.

The engineers in the lab will work on innovating other facets of performance including battery retention, improving device heating thereby boosting the product experience of the end-user.

"The set up of the power and performance lab marks the third important development towards realising our dream of building an entire product development ecosystem from India added. This lab will prove a momentous development for driving the next big revolution in user experience, especially with the advent of 5G in India," Arif explained.

In addition, the lab will ensure improved user experience and enhanced performance metrics of all the upcoming devices is achieved as well as maintained under majority of the usage scenarios including high performance Gaming, Video Capturing, Low Light photography and other processing intensive operations.

The product innovations driven from this lab would ensure high standards of power and performance in the future line of products by OPPO, the company said.