The fact that Sunny Deol and SHha Rukh Khan are not the best of friends in the industry has been an established fact. Though they might be on cordial terms now, there was a time when Sunny Deol didn't speak to Shah Rukh for 16-long years. It was during those few years that Sunny made several statements against King Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan, Sunny Deol
Shah Rukh Khan, Sunny Deol

The background

Sunny Deol and Shah Rukh Khan's animosity began on the sets of Darr. Sunny believed that Yash Chopra gave more prominence to the baddie of the film, SRK rather than him. What's more? Despite his negative character, people sympathised with him more than Sunny Deol. He had revealed on Aap Ki Adaalat that after the film he decided to cut himself off from the two of them and thus invariably remained at a distance from the other people of the industry.

Never to work with Yash Chopra

Sunny had also told a magazine, "At the end of the day, people loved me in the film. They loved Shah Rukh Khan as well. My only issue with the film was that I did not know they would glorify the villain. I always work in films with an open heart and believe the person."

"I believe working with trust. Unfortunately, we have many actors and stars who don't function in this manner. Maybe that's the way they want to get their stardom. I'll never work with Yash Chopra again. He isn't a man of his words. I don't have good memories of him, he betrayed my faith in him."

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan@iamsrk on Instagram

Sunny Deol's take on dancing at weddings

Back then, SRK was probably the only actor who was getting paid massive amounts to dance at family weddings and private functions. "Only mujrawallis dance at weddings, not actors. I think actors should maintain their dignity. Dancing at a friend's wedding is okay, but getting paid to dance is cheap. Next, you'll ask me-isn't prostitution better than borrowing money from the market? I don't agree with this kind of logic," Sunny Deol had told Filmfare taking an indirect hit at King Khan.

Shah Rukh had said in one of his interviews that he feels earning from dancing at weddings gives him a choice to not do a certain film.