BJP's Sriramulu performs 'gau puja' before casting his vote in Karnataka polls
BJP's Sriramulu performs 'gau puja' before casting his vote in Karnataka assembly polls [representational image]Twitter

Karnataka Health Minister B Sriramulu on Wednesday called upon the divine power to help the state recover from the deadly grip of COVID-19. Sriramulu said the cases of coronavirus are only going to increase in the coming months. Speaking to the media, the BJP minister said that only God can save humans from coronavirus, which has affected hundreds and thousands of people and claimed hundreds of lives in the state.

Once hailed for effectively tackling the COVID-19 pandemic by keeping the spiking tally in check, Karnataka has emerged one of the rapid-growing hotspots for coronavirus in the southern state of India. But the current tally in the state stands at over 44,000 as Karnataka recorded 2,500 new cases to overtake Gujarat in becoming India's fourth worst hit states. In just two weeks this month, there were 29,000 new cases, a sudden spike from reporting an average of 400 cases per day last month.

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'Only God can save us'

Sriramulu acknowledged the spike in coronavirus cases in the state and said the government is doing everything to contain the virus, denying allegations that the lack of coordination led to the spike. But the minister's shocking statement has raised questions among people and dangled the faith they have in the ministry's capability to hand the crisis.

"World over, the cases are doubling indiscriminately. It (virus) does not choose poor, rich, community or religion. There is no class or caste difference. The cases are 100 per cent going to increase... In whose hands does this rest? It is only god who can save us," he said.