Amidst all the chaos about OnePlus 7, 7 Pro and even OnePlus 7T Pro, there's one other piece of information that will get fans excited just as much. OnePlus TV is now official as the company has confirmed the name and the official logo for its newest product in the lineup.

OnePlus TV has been one of the most anticipated products the company hasn't talked about much ever since it announced its plans to foray into the TV business. After almost a year, OnePlus, with the help of its fans, has finalised on the name - OnePlus TV.

Keeping it simple, be it products, UI, or the names of its phones, has been OnePlus' mantra right from the beginning. It's not surprising to learn that OnePlus calls its new product OnePlus TV, which is on point and "best represent our value, vision and pride."

"We are excited that there will soon be a new kid on the block called "OnePlus TV" that is born out of the "Never Settle" spirit and "burdenless" design philosophy. Honestly, it was harder than you could imagine during the naming process as we have seen so many creative names which made it a difficult decision. Eventually, we chose to be true to our core values, but we are thankful for all the suggestions from you," a OnePlus representative wrote in a forum post on Wednesday.

OnePlus TV goes official
OnePlus TV goes officialOnePlus

The logo might appear as simple as the name itself, but the company says it's anything but that. A lot of thought process has gone into the designing of the logo. In fact, the company took to its forum to explain the entire process.

One of the highlights is the spacing that separates the OnePlus and TV symbols exactly by two spaces more than the gap in the OnePlus logo. The separation between the letters "T" and "V" is half the space between the "+" and the logo edge in the OnePlus logo.

You might be wondering why and what the big secret in doing so is.

OnePlus TV goes official
OnePlus TV goes officialOnePlus

"We were inspired by classic geometric progression, which can be seen from so many classic art forms, such the ancient Hindu symbol, the mandala, and the famous ancient Greek temple, Heraion of Argos. And looking closer, you can tell that we've used the same thickness for both logo and the letters to ensure an aesthetics of 'symmetry' and 'unity'," OnePlus explained.

With the revelation of OnePlus TV name and logo, we can expect the actual launch of the product is just around the corner. The company is expected to launch OnePlus TV in four screen sizes, 43-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch. It will be powered by Android TV as most of the smart TVs in the market, but it remains to be seen if it will run a forked version of OxygenOS.

OnePlus TV is likely to get 4K HDR OLED panels, support Bluetooth 5.0 and more. Like all OnePlus products, OnePlus TV will also be available on Amazon.

As for those who helped the company name its product, there's some exciting news in store. OnePlus has promised to award the winners who suggested the name OnePlus TV and the first one to suggest the name will get a "big prize."