The moment OnePlus announced its plans to enter the smart TV segment, consumers have been eager to see what the premium disruptive brand has to offer in a dull space. The smart TV space is divided into two categories, the ultra-premium TVs with innovative features and affordable TVs focused on the masses. OnePlus is likely creating a new space between the two and hoping it will recreate the magic it did with its smartphones.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has already confirmed that the OnePlus TV won't be competing against the ultra-affordable Mi TVs in India, but focused mainly towards the upper-premium class where Samsung, LG and Sony have prominence. But as one can expect, OnePlus will bring disruption as it is the core value of the company.

OnePlus has been feeding information about its upcoming smart TV in bits and pieces, making sure fans are excited until the official launch takes place next month. That said, the company has confirmed that its upcoming smart TV will be powered by Android TV and offer support to Google Assistant, Google Play and come with integrated Google Chromecast.

OnePlus TV new features revealed
OnePlus TV new features revealedOnePlus

With these features, users will be able to weather updates on TV, access favourite shows, get answers from Google, manage tasks, control smart home devices, and more just with your voice. The OnePlus TV will give you the same experience as owning a smart speaker if you ever fancied one.

These aren't entirely new features, but through this, OnePlus wants to show it is covering all the basics. The innovation aspect of the TV is still kept a secret, but our brief interaction with OnePlus product head, Szymon Kopec, revealed that there will be a seamless connection between OnePlus TV and OnePlus smartphones.

We are guessing, there will be some sort of an exclusive bridge between the two OnePlus devices, making features like screen-sharing and controlling the TV easier than ever.

OnePlus TV launch in India confirmed
OnePlus TV launch in India confirmedOnePlus forum

"Now, as we venture into newer segments with OnePlus TV, we are very excited to bring together our collective knowledge by extending that work. We believe that with our combined expertise, we can move ever closer to improve the human experience through simplicity, efficiency, and intelligent functionality," OnePlus India general manager, Vikas Agarwal, said in a statement.

In case you're guessing other features of the TV, the company has already confirmed that OnePlus TV will be offered in 55-inch screen size with a QLED display. However, it is likely that there will be more screen sizes ranging from 43 to 75 inches. The official launch of the TV is going to happen as early as next month, so stay tuned for updates.