OnePlus is still basking in the success of OnePlus Concept One launch at CES 2020 this week and it has already announced yet another event scheduled for next week. The upcoming OnePlus event is going to be held in China on January 13, where it plans to show off the next big thing in the display technology.

OnePlus event, titled "OnePlus 2020 Screen Technology Communication Meeting", is likely to be about the company's display technology to be seen in the upcoming flagship smartphones. The invite, as shared by GizmoChina, doesn't give away much except for what we might see in the OnePlus 8-series smartphones.

OnePlus 8 series

OnePlus is planning to launch three flagship models this year. Multiple reports have suggested that the new phones might get an upgrade in the display from 90Hz refresh rate to 120Hz refresh rate. Only a handful of phones support this high refresh rate on displays, but as the trend continues 2020 is going to bring a lot of phones with smoother displays.

OnePlus logo seen at the launch of 6T in New Delhi on October 30, 2018.
OnePlus hosting another event next weekIBTimes India/Sami Khan

Not much is known about the OnePlus 8 series now, but the company's CEO Pete Lau claimed the upcoming flagships will be the "most beautiful." OnePlus is expected to launch the OnePlus 8 series in Q2 2020, keeping in line with previous launches.

Of the three models, OnePlus 8 Pro could become the showstopper, featuring upgrades like quad cameras, dual front cameras, punch-hole display and the so-called "OnePlus 2020 Screen Technology."

OnePlus 2020 Screen Technology

The meeting about OnePlus 2020 Screen Technology could be a major leak about OnePlus 8 series. If the rumours are any indication, OnePlus might use this meeting to show off its 120Hz display panel. If the Chinese company has anything else besides the 120Hz refresh rate display, it will certainly be a surprise.

OnePlus 7T Pro review
OnePlus 7T Pro display has 90Hz refresh rateIBTimes India/Sami Khan

OnePlus showcased first-ever implementation of electrochromic glass in a smartphone. OnePlus Concept One hides the rear cameras behind the electrochromic glass unless it is in use. The unique glass can shift from opaque to transparent in less than a second. Now, if we are to guess, OnePlus could use the same glass to hide the front cameras, but it will be a long shot considering it is only a concept tech.