OnePlus has finally revealed its "special project", which turned out to be a "Snowbot Battle". The company has introduced the Snowbot robot to demonstrate 5G connectivity with "the world's first 5G-powered interactive snowball fight."

The snowball fight will take place starting March 9, 2020, in Finland. Users who wish to take part in the snowball fight can head over to OnePlus website to register online. "The experience will allow anyone from around the world to control the OnePlus Snowbots in a live snowball fight on," the company said.

What is OnePlus' Snowbot battle?

Snowbots are OnePlus' custom-made snowball-firing robots. These machines will be controlled through OnePlus devices with a 5G network. Users controlling them will compete in a snowball fight with the robots of other teams.

oneplus snowbot battle
OnePlus Snowball battle starts on March 9, 2020.OnePlus

OnePlus claims that these snowbots can fire snowballs at a speed of 194 kilometers per hour. With this unique marketing strategy, OnePlus aims to demonstrate the 5G connectivity as users engage in a snowball fight using robots.

For this event, the company has partnered with Finnish operator Elisa. The battle will take place for 70 consecutive hours starting on March 9, 2020. After registering for the battle, users will have to wait for their turn to throw eight snowballs against the other team.

According to OnePlus' announcement, users will need a OnePlus 5G phone to join the fight, however, it's unclear whether non-OnePlus devices will be able to control the robots.

OnePlus surprise event
OnePlus surprise eventTwitter screenshot

"The Snowbots will be operated through OnePlus devices with a 5G network equipped with powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, brought to the remote Lapland region by Finnish operator Elisa, allowing thousands of community members from across the globe to experience a seamless and lag-free offline-to-online gaming experience like never before seen," OnePlus said.

OnePlus had previously released a teaser for its "special project" while confirming that it is not about smartphone. While the company has not revealed anything about the OnePlus 8 series, there are reports which suggest that the OnePlus 8 Lite, OnePlus 8, and OnePlus 8 Pro could be launched in mid-April this year.