OnePlus 6T is one of the most popular flagship choices in India and abroad for those who are looking for best value-for-money phones. OnePlus is also known to have slim profit margins, which makes discounts on phones a rare occurrence. But that doesn't mean OnePlus phones are never discounted.

In China, OnePlus 6T prices have been dropped to make the popular flagship an attractive choice for buyers. By currency conversion, buyers in China can save up to Rs 4,000 on OnePlus 6T purchase. It is the kind of discount that Indians would love to have too, but there's no word on it yet. In response to a request for comment on OnePlus 6T price cut in India, the company said there's currently no update.

If you're in China, OnePlus announced a ¥400 (approx. Rs 4,000) discount on select OnePlus 6T model. Of the four models OnePlus 6T is offered in, only the Midnight Black and Mirror Black have received generous price cuts. The Thunder Purple and Speed Orange aka McLaren Edition are still selling at their premium cost.

OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple Review
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OnePlus 6T 6GB+128GB model is now available for ¥2,999 (around Rs 29,999) while the one with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage now costs ¥3199 (approx. Rs 31,999) instead of ¥3,599 (Rs 35,999). The high-end OnePlus 6T with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage in Midnight Black shade is also ¥400 cheaper at ¥3,599 (around Rs 35,999).

In India, OnePlus 6T starts at Rs 37,999 for 6GB+128GB configuration, while the 8GB+128GB model costs Rs 41,999. The 8GB+256GB OnePlus 6T costs Rs 45,999 and the costliest McLaren Edition with 10GB RAM and 256GB storage is priced at Rs 50,999. Clearly, the difference in price between India and China is quite significant and a price cut in India is a much-needed move.

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Even though there's no update regarding a price cut on OnePlus 6T, don't lose hope. The discount in China is for two possible reasons – the reduction in tax for luxury goods, including smartphones and the upcoming launch of the new flagship. OnePlus 7's official launch is expected to take place in a month or two and it is natural for the company to clear existing inventory to make place for the new handset in the market.

Since OnePlus 7 will launch in India alongside other markets, a discount on the OnePlus 6T in the days to come is highly expected. Stay tuned for updates.