OnePlus Launcher is one of the cleanest user interfaces on Android that strikes the perfect balance between stock and custom ROM. By keeping the UI minimal, OnePlus offers a host of features and customisations to its smartphone users without having to install third-party ROMs. Now, OnePlus Launcher is getting a new time-saving feature for its users.

OnePlus Launcher v3.3.2 introduces Parking Location Service to its Shelf, a dedicated spot for all your shortcuts such as contacts, recent apps and other information in the form of cards. By adding the useful parking feature to the Shelf, users will have quick access to it, which trumps the complexity with which users had to access a similar feature using Google Maps.

OnePlus' Parking Location Service works by remembering your parking spot using GPS location, which means there are limitations to the extent of its functionality. While one can easily mark the parking location on the map outdoors with GPS accessibility, don't expect it to work underground or indoors where it's hard to get GPS signal.

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But you're not completely out of a solution. The Parking Location Service, which likely uses Google's Maps API, allows users to take a picture of the parking area to memorise the location. Using pillar markings or other landmarks in the image will help you locate your car easily in the massive parking of a mall, which has multiple entries and exit points to the parking lot.

According to XDA Developers, the feature appears to work only on OnePlus smartphones running Android 9 Pie, which means owners of OnePlus 6T/6 and OnePlus 5T/5 can access Parking Location Service simply by swiping right on the home screen to access Shelf.

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Eligible OnePlus smartphone users can get the latest version of OnePlus Launcher from Google Play Store or sideload it from APKMirror.

OnePlus Launcher v3.3.2 also gets other UI improvements alongside improved algorithm for searching apps, the report noted. Which is your favourite OnePlus feature? Let us know in the comments below.