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Kerala has been in the eye of a brewing storm since the news of an ambulance driver raping a COVID-19 patient broke. Now, a fresh case has been reported in the state after a health inspector has been accused of raping a 44-year-old nurse who had been under home quarantine.

The junior health inspector identified as Pradeep reportedly raped the woman in Thiruvananthapuram. The Pangode police arrested the accused on Monday. 

Nurse raped in Kerala

Kerala is facing an alarming turn of events when it comes to crimes against women amid the ongoing pandemic. In a recent gory incident, a 19-year-old was raped by an ambulance driver while being shifted to a COVID care centre.

This incident has led to a huge public backlash in Kerala. However, on Monday a fresh arrest was made by the Pangode police in Thiruvananthapuram of a junior health inspector named Pradeep. A 44-year-old woman had registered a complaint with the police and a case was registered under section 376 of the IPC. 

The home nurse had revealed in her complaint that she had returned from Malappuram to Kulathapuzha and was asked to undergo home quarantine. After testing negative in the antigen test, which was advised by the health inspector, he asked her to collect her certificate from his flat in Barathanoor, according to the police, reported by PTI.

However, at his house, she was raped in an incident that took place on September 3rd. According to local news reports, in her complaint, she also alleged that she was tied up and was only allowed to leave the house the next day. 

This case has since added to the fury over the previously reported case of the ambulance driver who raped the 19-year-old. In that case, Noufal the driver has been apprehended and dismissed from duty and questions were also raised on how the process of hiring an ambulance driver goes.

The Women's Commission in Kerala has registered a case against the health inspector and has demanded strict action against him. Kerala Health Minister KK Shailaja has also ordered his suspension.