After a series of flops, Mani Ratnam has returned with "Ok Kanmani" starring Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menen in the leads. The good news is that the Tamil movie has opened to positive reviews.

The movie features Dulquer Salmaan, who had made his second movie in Tamil with "Vaayai Moodi Pesavum" and  Nithya Menen, who has appeared in a lot of Kollywood movies.

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"Ok Kanmani" has AR Rahman's music and the album has become one of the biggest hits of the recent times. Once again, he has given his best to Mani Ratnam. As a result, people were expecting a beautiful musical romantic entertainer and the film has not disappointed them.

Ok Kanmani
"Aye Sinamika" one minute promo video featuring Dulquer Salmaan, Nithya Menen ReleasedTwitter/ Sony Music South

The movie has PC Sreeram's cinematography and Sreekar Prasad's editing. Prakash Raj, Leela Samson, Prabhu Lakshman, Ramya Subramaniam, Kanika and others are in the cast.

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The movie tells a beautiful story of two new-age couple Aadhi and Tara (Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menen). They meet accidentally and fall in love. They stay together and what happens to their affair and career once they are in the relationship forms the crux of the story.

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The reviews emerge from social media sites have given thumbs up to "Ok Kanmani". The story, the performance of the lead stars, PC Sreeram's perfect cinematography with AR Rahman's brilliant music are the highlights of the movie. Many feel that it is a prequel to "Alaipayuthey". Audience have also appreciated Prakash Raj and Leela Samson's roles. Below, we bring you the live reviews posted by audience on Twitter:

Narayanan Tweeted
#OKKanmani 1st half better tan 2nd half.@prakashraaj acting great after long time.Film s high on techinal aspects.
#OKKanmani Good 2nd half.Film conveys importance f marriage and love.Solid performances by lead stars in 2nd half.Movie Superhit
#OKKanmani Movie similar to #Alaipayuthey except for concept.@dulQuer and Nithya Pairing fresh.Great Chemistry.Songs visuals are good
#OKKanmani @pcsreeram work s awesome.
#OKKanmani #ParandhuSellava picturization reminds #pachaiNirame from #Alaipayuthey @arrahman BGM stunning.Reserves his best for Mani.
#OKKanmani 1st half.ManiRatnam s back with bang.Stunning visuals,colorful lighting,Great music and screenplay.Treat to watch.

Achu Posted
#OKKanmani First half belongs to ARR, Leela Samson and Dulquer. I want to say Mani Ratnam is back, but just holding until the film ends.
#OKKanmani using one relationship as a metaphor for the leads to discover themselves. Excellent detailing. Music. Visuals. Dialogs. Neaaat!
@RogerisGod breezy. You see the lives of two characters. A narration of events in their lives in 6 months. That's all. No complicated shit.

MovieCrow Wrote
#OKKanmani Review - 1st Half is Just OK; 2nd Half is Double OK. Watch with patience as Mani recovers his form
#OKKanmani - PC Sreeram playful in angles,lighting,compositions. Consistent style & tone thro'out

Sreedhar Pillai Wrote
#OKKanmani - 4/5 How can I forget editor @sreekar_prasad, who kept Mani on a tight leash ? #ManiRatnam's shortest film - 2 hrs 18 minutes
#OKKanmani 4/5. @pcsreeram camera, #SharmishtaRoy's production design & @arrahman music in perfect syn with Mani's concept & execution.
#OKKanmani - 4/5.Mani sir's thought process and way he has captured new age romance is fab. His minimal dialouges and shot composition super
#OKKanmani - Supporting cast @prakashraaj, Leela Samson, @ramyavj @prabhulaksshman enriches & makes it real.
#OKKanmani -4/5. #NithyaMenen is the heart and soul of the film. She is too good,charming her naughty smile wins us over. Terrific actress
#OKKanmani 4/5. @dulQuer has a likeable face and is fantastic as a cool dude. The scene when Nithya takes him 2 hospital is a scream.
#OKKanmani -4/5. Mani in total sync with @arrahman & @pcsreeram every frame has a touch of class. Songs look real & no dance movements.
#OKKanmani 4/5. Hats off #Manisir- NO unwanted comedy,NO mush,NO Thali sentiments,Hero-Heroine makes love & r living together without Thali!
#OKKanmani – 4/5. Brilliant. #ManiRatnam has made a fantastic comeback.#Mani's most daring film without any commercial compromises.

Latha Srinivasan Wrote
#ManiRatnam is back with a bang in #OKKanmani! Take a bow @dulQuer & @nithya_mn. So cute @dulQuer is the new heartthrob for girls!

Ramesh Writes
#OKKanmani [3.5/5] : A movie that starts on a light, romantic note and deals with heavy-duty emotions in the 2nd half.. Modern & Traditional
#OKKanmani [3.5/5] : Dir #ManiRatnnam has written the script that keeps u engaged from the beginning to end.. He wins u over big time..
#OKKanmani [3.5/5] : @dulQuer and #NithyaMenen certainly make it a wonderful watch.. Their chemistry is believable and they r such a treat..
#OKKanmani [3.5/5] : @prakashraaj & #LeelaSamson provide good support.. Nice 2 c a familiar face @ramyavj in the friend role.. Did a gud job
#OKKanmani [3.5/5] : Nothing new we can add about @arrahman or @pcsreeram when it comes to Dir #ManiRatnam movie.. They as usual excel..
#OKKanmani [3.5/5] : Youth will love it.. Great visuals, breezy songs and music, awesome lead pair chemistry- All make it a wonderful watch!

Vignesh Kandaswamy Wrote
#OKKanmani - A.R.R delivers what is needed for a pucca romance movie.Nothing great but still too good.
#OKKanmani - P.C.Sreeram camera work is yet another highlight.Seems like cinematography has becum a camewalk for him irrespective of genre
#OKKanmani - Apart from the lead couple,PrakashRaj and Leela Samson couple also impresses.Prakash a very natural performer proved once again
#OKKanmani - So far Manirathnam has proved he is not outdated and updated to this gen love.Waiting for second half.
#OkKanmani - Already 5 songs finished in the first half.But all through the flow of the movie.Mental manadhil visuals could have been better
#OKKanmani - Interval.So far good.Typical Manirathnam style love movie that deals about co-habitation.Dulquer and Nithyamenon steal the show

Ashok Reddy Tweeted
First half just ok Second half double ok

Studio Flicks Posted
#OKKanmani 1st half is very gud! energetic, youthful and romantic! dulqer is awesome, superb music and camera . Mani nails it:) wtng for 2nd

Arunkumar Tweeted
40 mins into de flim....slow nthg much intresting till now...#okkanmani

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 3.5

Subramania Seshadri Posted
@dulQuer First of all , hats off to you for an excellenttt performance in #OKKanmani .. Clean work.. do more films in Tamil. Enjoyed a lot!
#OkKanmani - simple tale of romance interlaced with drama & comedy. xcellnt actng by Dulquer and Nithya . High on tech values. Mani is back!
#OKKanmani - Linear separate comedy tracks bt still there are ample doses of laughter throughout d movie. Mani d king!
#OKKanmani - No artificial stunts/overwhelming dialogs. Excellent emoting by the lead pair. Sngs blend with d narrative. BGM -_/_. (Contd.)

Cinemaakaaran Wrote
#OKKanmani OK aanu ennu kekkunnu... Professionals allathavar parayunna kondu Suhasini madam vishwasikkuvo aavo. #kashtam

♥кคภภคภ♥ ‏@eeepkannan Posted
#OKKanmani Review- Mani Ratnam recovers
his form slowly but steadily (rating - 3/5)
1st Half Just Okay; 2nd Half Double Okay!!

CSK Cheenu! Posted
Very surprised that someone could actually come up with a love story in this kollywood ena. #OKKanmani

Weena Pradhan Tweeted
Loved the movie ! A ManiRatnam film true and true , subtle , clean , poetic and makes you feel it's a real story ! #OKKanmani

Suresh Triveni Posted
Quite #OKKanmani :) love the way the master crafts scenes :) am a happy man

Johnson PRO Wrote
#ManiRatnam handles Live-in relationship with a different approach. Good msg conveyd thru emotions in #OKKanmani

Meyyappan Wrote
Mental manadhil superb. Arr and pc SreeRam magic everywhere :) #okkanmani

Karthik Tweeted
AR Rahman Rules all the way. What a movie. Don't miss it. #OKKanmani

Gd Here Wrote
#OKKanmani : Knowledgeable film making executed by two monumental performances by Nithya Menon and @dulQuer .
@MadrasTalkies_ @pcsreeram

Growing 5x Posted
#OKKanmani Old wine in a new bottle but tasty

Prabha Wrote
#OKKanmani Ethereal. Contemporary. A breeze through. Light hearted. @MadrasTalkies_ #OKadhalKanmani

Eeshaan Adiga Tweeted
#OKKanmani is a movie with a practical outlook on modern relationship while focusing on the beauty of traditional love story ! ARR

Haricharan Pudipeddi Posted
Lovely first half of #OKKanmani romance is so contemporary and refreshing. Dulquer and Nitya make such an adorable pair.
What a comeback by Mani Ratnam! Loved #OKKanmani. Don't want to spoil your experience by writing more. Just go watch it. You'll love it

Rajasekar Posted
#OKKanmani -first half over, looks like Mani sir is back :):)

Prashanth Wrote
It's good. It'll do well. People will like it. But Ratnam takes no risks. He hasn't played it this safe since I don't know when. #OKKanmani

Kishore Tweeted
#OKKanmani is such a beautiful movie, not a single boring moment, no unnecessary sentiment,melodrama, a true feel good movie @MadrasTalkies_

ReviewPuram Posted
#OKKanmani Interval, and it has been quite a ride so far. There's so much to like in here!

Cinema Calendar Wrote
#OKKanmani is not a film to be opinionated, it has an essence of exoticism and flavour young energy and colour.

Surendhar MK Posted
Feeling absolutely elated with Mani's comeback in #OkKanmani. What a poetic experience after a long time. ARR has spilled magic with RR.

Sudhish Kamath Posted
OK Kanmani: Maniratnam may not be an expert on how boy meets girl today but he sure as hell knows all about what happens when they do! Love!
By love, I mean I loved it. Great return to form & familiar territory for Maniratnam. Dulquer, Nithya & Prakash Raj very good ! #OKKanmani

Manishalakhe Tweeted
there's not a single thing that jarred in the love story that is #OKKanmani and I wish I could sing! or write the lyrics of the songs! brill