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IBTimes India Rating:4

Think about a romantic flick, which has every element of an entertainer and at the same time is flavoured with the magic of Mani Ratnam's narration. "OK Kanmani" is one such movie that you want to keep close to you or will stay in your movie collections, forever. Rarely does in Indian cinema, do we get an entertaining flick, which is honest in terms of scripting as well as the setting.

The major highlight of "OK Kanmani" is that it does not have any elements of cheesiness associated with it - let it be romance or dialogues. The movie is all about relationship and emotions shared between two young individual settled in modern day Mumbai city.

The story revolves around Adithya (Dulquer Salmaan) who is a digital game designer and Tara (Nithya Menen), an architect. They are career-driven individualist,s who have strong perception about their personal space and life. Mani Ratnam does not hold any surprises in any way at any place in the movie and like his other movies, the lead pair meets by chance at a railway station.

After their first encounter at a railway station, Adi and Tara meet at their friends' wedding and from there, begins the sweet romantic tale of the young individuals. From being friends to a couple who are in a live-in relationship, the script of the film has got the best treatment ever possible.

One thing obvious throughout the movie is the master-class touch of Mani Ratnam, the legendary film-maker. The kind of feel, which he adds to each scene of the movie is something that reflects his skill as a film-maker.

Another aspect of the film is dialogues that stand out because of its novelty and the director has made sure they are conveyed in the right sense. This eventually makes us wonder what was the logic of censor board to rate this neatly-made Mani Ratnam movie with "U/A" certificate.

Coming to the performance of the lead pair Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menen, Mani Ratman showed us how perfect he is when it comes to casting for his films. Their screen presences are so lively that you can't see anything else but only them. At the same time, one must accept the fact that they are the most good-looking and the hottest onscreen pair in South Indian cinema right now.

The characters of Prakash Raj and Leela Samson narrates parallel love story, which is filled with warmth and care. This might be Prakash Raj's best character after his most-renowned performance in the movie "Kanjeevaram".

Music by AR Rahman as expected is top notch and in a way maintains the racy pace of the movie. The background score is refreshing and comes across as the most integral part of the movie.

Cinematographer PC Sreeram creates magic with his technique and aesthetic sense. Each frame is classy and his experiments with colours and lights make sure that audience stay glued to their seats. His camera movements are so real that audience are at the closest proximity to the characters.

The costume and art departments of the film demands special credit with their great works and for making the movie look in the best way possible.

Overall, "OK Kanmani" deserves to be placed among the best romantic stories ever made in Indian cinema. Kudos to Mani Ratnam for making a classy movie from a very simple story.

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Live Review

Looks like pre-release buzz has worked for the movie. Not just youngsters, but families too are thronging into theatres. 

Hero and heroine meet in the most casual way... Mani Ratnam's signature is felt from the very first scene.

Dulquer Salmaan plays Aditya Varadarajan, a video game designer.

He meets heroine Tara (Nithya Menen) at his friend's wedding. Unlike Alaipayuthey leads, they are straight forward and way ahead of time.

Looks like "OK kanmani" is going to be best for Prakash Raj after "Kancheevaram". Leela Samson also has a great screen presence.

Rahman's music and background score are better than the best.. So much of energy and freshness.

PC Sreeram's cinemtography at its best. Such great use of light and each frame is nothing but perfection. The burst of colurs and vibrant energy of the movie will blow your mind.

First half done. 'OK Kanmani' is a light-hearted, close to reality urban flick. Has been great till now.
Mani Ratnam' dialogues and some light moments make this movie an enjoyable one.

Movie enters into a completely romantic mode in the second half with rain, music, train and bus sequences in a typical Mani Ratnam style..

The film showcases the meaning of romance and relationship for two different generations.

With 'OK Kanmani' Mani Ratnam has proved yet again that he is the king when in comes to narrating love stories. A simple love story narrated in the most heart-felt way.

Make sure to watch this movie; Full paisa wasool flick!