Raghava Lawrence starrer "Kanchana 2" has opened to positive reviews from audience and critics.  The Tamil movie is directed by the actor himself and produced by Bellamkonda Suresh.

It is a horror movie, which is the third instalment in the franchise after "Muni" and "Kanchana". The first two films were instant hits and had won the hearts of the audience. So, the expectations have been high this time from the audience.

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Kanchana 2
"Kanchana 2"Twitter/ Kanchana 2

Taapsee Pannu has paired up with Raghava Lawrence with Kovai Sarala, Jaya Prakash, Pooja Ramachandran, Manobala, Mayilswamy, Rajendran and others in the cast. "Kanchana 2" has Rajavel Olhiveeran's cinematography and has the music of Leon James, C Sathya, S Thaman and Ashwamithra.

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Raghava Lawrence, Taapsee along with Mayilswamy, Manobala and 'Jangiri' Madhumita work in a TV channel. Accidentaly, they visit a haunted place and the hero and the heroine are affected by the sprits. What happens once they possess forms the interesting part of the storyline.

"Kanchana 2" has got positive reviews from various quarters. Once again, the horror and comedy elements with a message-oriented subject has impresed the cine-goers. Even though the second half is not up to the mark, the commercial elements keep the audience's attention. In the end, people leave the theatres with full satisfaction. Below, we bring you the live audience Twitter response for the film:

Kaushik LM Wrote
#Kanchana2 1st half done. #SURESHOT is the word. Horror-Comedy blend is working big time. Decent VFX work too. pre-Interval segment mirattal
#Kanchana2 1st half - All the male actors' comedy timing big plus. #Lawrence sema enjoyment. Pachak Pachak nu kudhichi ukandhukararu ;)
#Kanchana2 1st half - The 1st summer BB is ready. All center audiences gonna lap this big time. Horror-comedy charm. 2nd half a podunga pa
#Kanchana2 - 1st half is definitely better than the 2nd. But overall technically solid, grt comedy, horror thrills & #Lawrence in control
#Kanchana2 - #Lawrence stands tall as a performer putting on so many makeovers and difficult costumes. Remarkable versatility.
#Kanchana2 - The 2nd half flashback is a letdown as it is typical and melodramatic. But watch out for #NithyaMenon in a marked role.
#Kanchana2 done- 2nd half has the expected flashback, the typical 'saami padam' elements, Kovai Sarala's super comedy timing&the loud climax

Sreedhar Pillai Writes
#Kanchana2 –3/5. A big thumbs up 2 #Taapsee her best after #Baby. #NithyaMenen fab.After a racy1st half, 2nd flashback full of melodrama.
#Kanchana2 3/5. Kovai Sarala & rest of comedy brigade Sriman, Manobala, Mayilsamy r terrific when they combine with Lawrence it is terrific.
#Kanchana2 – 3/5. Story is nothing but an excuse 2 make people laugh & create some scare in them. Same HC template followed, sequel soon
#Kanchana2 3/5. Jeepers creepers, horror comedy (HC), jolly good fun ride. Works largely due 2 #RaghavaLawrence comic timing & packaging.

Balaji Mohan Posted
#Kanchana2 pakka mass indeed :) Congrats @sunpictures @im_raghava @MusicThaman @taapsee #Nithya & the ever-awesome #KovaiSarala ma'am! :)

Rajasekar Wrote
My personal rating for #Kanchana2 - 2.25/5 .... btw liked Kanchana :)

Ruben Wrote
Nice movie,, but some place a bit boring #Kanchana2
So scary ,,, even my self feel scared ,, of course suddenly appear sure everyone will scare #Kanchana2
Nice movie,,, but Children should watch with high volume #Kanchana2
Climax of #Kanchana2

Kani Posted
#Kanchana2 Awesome entertainment movie. Fully satisfied my expectations. Excellent Graphics work

One Kollywood Posted
Overall #Kanchana2 is a fitting film from the muni franchise. Cud have named the film Ganga actually. Definitely a MUST WATCH. 3.5/5 rating
#Kanchana2 2nd half. NithyaMenen, Tapsee and Lawrence rocked with their performances. Music was good and loud. Kovai Sarala was hilarious.
Done with #Kanchana2. 2nd half was a bit lengthy. But climax was racy. The flashback scenes cud have been trimmed a bit. Less thrills too.
#Kanchana2 1st half. I think 2nd half will be more of a flashback and revenge. Might have some sequential humor but expecting more thrills.
#Kanchana2 1st half. I liked the screenplay. The way Lawrence is taking the movie. Perfect interval block. Waiting to see who is the ghost.
#Kanchana2 1st half. Its a mix of comedy and horror. Entertaining also. Can hear some women screaming here :-) . BGM is too good.
#Kanchana 1st half. Lot of thrills and chills. The ghost just made an appearance. Lawrence is awesome. Some scenes are predictable. But good

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 3

கிராஸ் Talk Posted
Rating #OKKanmani (US) - 3.5/5 & #Kanchana2 (UK) - 3/5 #OKKanmani is the winner of today.
C centre kanchana 2
A centre okadhal kanmani

Kollywood Cinema Posted
Oversea Report : #Kanchana2 #KovaiSarala Comedy was big HighLight in this Film. @taapsee Glam Girl. Climax was outstanding & BGM Big Plus

MASSS Bleedz Tweeted
#Kanchana2 - 3/5. Plenty of laughter and hilarity thanks to Kovai Sarala and team. A fun and (cont) http://tl.gd/njf141

Tamilanin Cinema Wrote
#Kanchana2 -->> Sure shot winner is the word from everywhere, how come Superstar #Rajini words go wrong !! #RaghavaLawrence sky high

Kollywood Cinema Wrote
#Vettri Theater : 1st Half Outstanding #RaghavaLawrence Rocked in Horror Comedy. Blockbuster On the way #Kanchana2 @taapsee @sunpictures

Sasikumar ‏Posted
#Kanchana2 first half fully comedy ..good.. Not horrer waiting for 2nd half fully horrer

Vijayrambomaxim Posted
#Kanchana2 - 1st Half #Masss Thriller & Horror Interval Block. Waiting for 2nd Half.

Naveen Cool Wrote
#Kanchana2 1st half - The 1st summer BB is ready (y) — watching Muni 2: Kanchana

Common Man Sathish Posted
#Kanchana2 - Nithya Menon & Taapsee impresses with wonderful acting.. Lawrence in various avatars impresses
#Kanchana2 - Nithya Menon & Taapsee impresses with wonderful acting.. Lawrence in various avatars impresses

Vivek Wrote
#kanchana2 is another big success for Lawrence, though not entertaining like kanchana, this is fairly enjoyable

Vijayrambomaxim ‏Posted
#Kanchana2 - 1st Half is better then 2nd Half. Thriller,Horror & Comedy.Overall Good Movie.

ManiShankar Posted
#kanchana2 1st half over :: A perfect blended horror comedy scary !!!

Itsjackstweetup Posted
#Kanchana2 - 2.5/5..
Run of the mill entertainer..
One time watchable with 2nd half drags 2 much.
Sureshot commercial success
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Kollyfood ‏Wrote
#Kanchana2 - 1st Half is better then 2nd Half. Thriller,Horror & Comedy.Overall Good Movie. Says @vijayrambomaxim
#Kanchana2: Lawrence summa therikka vitrukaar pola. Positive reports all over!